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Life-prolonging protein could inhibit ageing diseases

Medicine, Science28 May 2015Waseda University
Researchers have found a molecule that plays a key link between dietary restriction and longevity in mammals. This discovery may lead to the development of new therapies to inhibit age-related diseases.
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Changing activity in the ageing brain

Medicine, Science28 May 2015Asia Research News
Normal ageing affects our ability to carry out complex cognitive tasks. But exactly how our brain functions change during this process is largely unknown. Now, researchers in Malaysia have demonstrated that ageing changes the activity patterns in specific brain regions involved in memory and cognition.
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Testing for tuberculosis

Medicine, Science28 May 2015Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Researchers in Malaysia and Iran have developed a simple diagnostic test to quickly and reliably detect tuberculosis in humans.
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Food barometer measures a population’s eating habits

Culture, People28 May 2015Taylors university
A survey by Taylor’s-Toulouse University Centre (TTUC) is collecting data on the food habits of individuals and how their choices are related to modernisation and other social factors. Results show that almost 40% of all Malaysian meals are consumed outside the home – one of the highest dining out rates worldwide.
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Recharging in private

Technology26 May 2015The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
An electronic payment system developed in Singapore will protect the privacy of customers recharging their electric vehicles.
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Assessing the impacts of small-scale mining in eastern Indonesia

Culture, People26 May 2015Asia Research News
Australian researchers are working with Indonesian government agencies and universities to assess the impacts of artisanal and small-scale mining in eastern Indonesia.
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A diagnostic robot for remote prenatal ultrasound exams

Medicine, Technology26 May 2015Waseda University
A Japanese researcher is developing a robot that can conduct prenatal ultrasound exams on pregnant women in remote locations.

Understanding cancer onset

Medicine, Science26 May 2015University of Malaya
Researchers in Malaysia have analysed the genomes of people with a rare genetic disorder to better understand their predisposition to cancer across generations.

Diagnostic gamma camera to help locate breast cancer lesions

Medicine, Technology26 May 2015Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
A prototype camera, which uses gamma ray detection to pinpoint breast cancer lesions in three dimensions, promises to extend the useful life of two-dimensional nuclear imaging devices in developing countries.
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3D printer generates realistic model of a cancerous tumour

Medicine, Technology26 May 2015IOP Publishing
An international scientific team has successfully created a three-dimensional model of a cancerous tumour using a 3D printer. Their model could ultimately help discover new drugs and cast new light on how tumours develop, grow and spread.

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