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Drug delivery that hits the dot

Medicine, Science23 May 2016The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
Brightly fluorescent nanocrystals, called quantum dots, can be used to test the delivery of drugs packaged into nanocapsules.
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Graphene-based nanolubricants could grease automotive industry’s future

Technology19 May 2016The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Malaysian scientists are studying the use of graphene “nanoflakes” to create a new generation of enhanced lubricants for the automotive industry.
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Understanding food choices in Hong Kong

Medicine, People17 May 2016Asia Research News
Scientists at Taylor’s University in Malaysia and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are undertaking interdisciplinary research to understand the food habits of the people of Hong Kong.
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Birdcages source of dengue virus

Medicine, Science04 May 2016Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Researchers in Malaysia and Japan have found that birdcages kept at home may be a breeding site for mosquitoes that transmit dengue virus to humans.
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Remote sensing maps threats to Malaysia’s mangroves

Technology29 Apr 2016Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Centre for Collaborative Innovation (CCI)-UKM
Remote sensing data reveals land use and land cover changes over an 18-year period at one of the best-managed mangrove forests in the world.
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Antibacterial medical implants

Medicine28 Apr 2016IOP Publishing
Researchers in Singapore and Hong Kong have created a novel, bacteria-repelling biomaterial that could increase the success of medical implants.
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Asia’s coasts to experience most extreme weather

Culture, People26 Apr 2016International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Over the next 50 years, people living at low altitudes in developing countries, particularly those in coastal Asia, will suffer the most from extreme weather patterns, according to researchers.
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Identifying drug targets for leukaemia

Medicine, Science22 Apr 2016The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
Researchers from Hong Kong and the U.S. have developed a new statistical and mapping method that could help identify drug targets for treating leukaemia.
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Cell fusion discovery could improve agricultural production

Science21 Apr 2016Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (WPI-ITbM), Nagoya University
An international research team has observed cell fusion in flowering plants for the first time in more than a century. The discovery demystifies how plants prevent the attraction of excessive pollen tubes after a successful fertilisation.
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Recovering energy from power plants

Technology20 Apr 2016Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Researchers are harnessing the energy of moving seawater that is being used to cool a power plant in Malaysia.

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