Cancer Science Institute of Singapore

The Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) was officially launched on 15 October 2008. CSI Singapore aims to position Singapore as a global-leader in the field of Biomedical Sciences. It is dedicated to conducting a multifaceted and coordinated approach to cancer research, extending from basic cancer studies all the way to experimental therapeutics and in so doing improve cancer treatment.

CSI Singapore is a state-of-the-art university research institute affiliated with, and hosted at the National University of Singapore. In 2008, it was awarded a $172 million “Research Centre of Excellence” grant, one of only five in Singapore, by the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education.

Home to world-renowned scientists and awardees of Singapore’s prestigious talent development program, the STaR Investigators, CSI Singapore endeavors to revolutionize the landscape of biomedical research and position Singapore as a global leader.

The vision is to bring CSI Singapore to the forefront of cancer biology and treatment in Asia and the world – to be the major centre for cancer studies in Asia with a global presence.


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