The PhilippineCouncil for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD) is a sectoral planning council of the Department of Science and Technology which is tasked to provide central direction for the country's aquatic and marine resources research and development.
The PCAMRD is mandated to
1. formulate strategies, policies, plans and programs and projects for aquatic and marine resources research and development;
2. program and allocate government and external funds for research and development;
3. monitor aquatic and marine resources research and development programs and projects; and
4. generate external funds.

The functions of the PCAMRD are to
1. coordinate the National Aquatic Resources Research and Developemtn System (NARRDS);
2. plan, monitor and evaluate research and development projects and programs of the NARRDS;
3. build the capacity of the NARRDS through human resources and infrastructure development; and
4. package and disseminate information about aquatic resources technology information
Through the PCAMRD-Grants-in-Aid Program, financial support/grants are provided to agencies/institutions for implementation of R&D projects on aquatic and marine resources.


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