Take your research on world tour with Asia Research News magazine


Asia Research News works with today's
innovators shaping our world tomorrow,
bringing the latest findings to the forefront
of society. Our annual magazine highlights
exciting research studies over the year
and new ones on the horizon. Produced
just once a year, 30,000 print copies are
distributed at conferences, and sent directly
to leaders in industry, academia and
government. The online edition is always
available for all users, including
researchers and journalists.


Our online readership extends to 180 countries
as many readers are interested about research
in Asia. As we provide research news straight
from the source institutions, many readers come
to us first. Asia Research News print magazines
are given to researchers and people keen on research
through our partnerships with important R&D events
and direct mail to key research leaders and policy
makers. Here is a list the top 10 readership countries.


Research is done mainly in universities and
research institutions, therefore almost 70%
of our readership is from these organisations.
Researchers also work in private companies,
government, non-governmental organsations,
funding bodies and publishers. As these research
make their countries proud, we send copies to
key embassies. We reach out to libraries and
student bodies to provide complimentary copies
so future researchers may be motivated by the
research published in Asia Research News.


Through partnerships with important R&D
events, we give complimentary copies of the
magazine to researchers and people keen on
research. Here we list the industry sectors
of the partnerships ranging from Technology,
Inventions and Engineering to Medical, Energy
Environment, Science and Business.

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