Dr. Rey Tiquia

DR. Rey Tiquia is a Chinese technoscience philosopher at the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne. Technoscience’ is a knowledge system that is closely linked to society and nature and vice-versa. This philosophy sees no dichotomy between science and technology. Each is an extension and embodiment of the other. Rey does research in Qualitative Social Research, Sociological Translation and Medical Anthropology. His current project is 'Restoring the Chinese Calendar 'Lifa' and the Cosmic Breath 'Qi' to the Real World.' As an independent Chinese technoscience researcher, he studies the metaphysical value of the Cosmic Breath 'Qi' and the Transnational Elemental Stems and Zodiacal Branches Calendrical Clock (Northern and Southern Hemispheres)to interrupt the decline of traditional Chinese Medicine and other Chinese technoscientific practices and their respective prognosticative power as mobile bodies of local knowledge while ensuring their continued innovation and regeneration.

I am a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and independent researchder in Australia. In this capacity, I reconstituted and developed the TCM practice of differentiating clinical patterns and associating 'yao' ; retored the metaphysical value of the Cosmic Breath 'Qi' and the Transnatonal Elemental Stems and Zodiacal Branches Calendrical Clock (Northern & Southern Hemispheres). I was born in Manila, Philippines, completed my primary, secondary and tertiary education here. I travelled to Beijing China and undertook and completed  my Bachelors Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine here. 

Selected publications

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Independent Chinese Technosciencce Researcher
School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (SHAPS)
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