Distinguished Technopreneur Speaker Forum - featuring Dr. Rudi Pauwels, Founder, Director & CEO, Biocartis

Exploit Technologies Pte. Ltd. and SELECTBIO invite you to join us for the 9th Annual Distinguished Technopreneur Speaker Forum taking place on the 14th October at the Matrix Building, Biopolis, Singapore.

Join the DTS Forum on 14 October at the Matrix, Biopolis,co-located with Diagnostics Summit, 13-14 October, Singapore.

The Entrepreneurial Journey: Balancing Technological Exploration and Exploitation in the Pursuit of Breakthroughs in Medicine & Healthcare
By DTS Dr. Rudi Pauwels, Founder & CEO, Biocartis

Three decades ago, the message of being diagnosed as an AIDS patient pretty much equalled to the delivery of a death sentence with execution within 2-3 years. Today, the outlook for many HIV patients is totally different.

We are witnessing also in other areas of medicine the first promises -as well as practical challenges- of a higher precision medicine where the outcome for the individual patient benefits from (i) therapies targeted at the specific molecular dysfunctions that underlay many diseases and (ii) ‘precision’ diagnostic tools that reveal the biomarkers that drive or correlate with these aberrant molecular processes.

Both of these examples and developments will feature as the backdrop of the entrepreneurial journey that I took and lived through with my many colleagues. It will allow highlighting the enabling role of certain technologies and strategies in the results that were achieved. It will point to the importance of a true understanding of current and future medical needs, of aiming at the right innovation target level and of the role all participants and stakeholders can play in the execution of these projects.

There are no formulas for success, but a number of principles, strategies and mind-sets could help new entrepreneurs, industry professionals, researchers, students, policy makers and investors on how to foster innovation and create companies and solutions that patients and society - now and in the future - are waiting for.

About the Speaker
Rudi Pauwels, PhD (M) Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Biocartis.

About the Moderator
Steven Myint, Senior Fellow, Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Chairman, ETPL, Duke-NUS, Inex Private Ltd

About the Distinguished Technopreneur Speaker Forum
The DTS Series was launched in 2008 by ETPL to seed innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore. DTS invites luminaries who have excelled in innovative value creation to engage entrepreneurs, industry professionals, researchers, academia and students to inspire them to explore the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging technologies.

In the past, ETPL hosted the following distinguished speakers Professor Steve Davies from the University of Oxford; Professor Michael Hayden from the University of British Columbia; Sir Gregory Winter from the University of Cambridge; Prof Shuji Nakamura from the University of California Santa Barbara; Mr Kia Silverbrook, Australian inventor and entrepreneur; Prof Philip A. Sharp from Koch Institute and the Department of Biology at MIT; Dr Stephen Turner, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Pacific Biosciences as well as Sir Tom Blundell from the University of Cambridge.

About the Diagnostics Summit 2016
The DTS Forum is incorporated as the final session at the inaugural Dx Summit organised by Select Bio and the Diagnostics Development Hub, part of ETPL.

The Dx Summit will take place on the 13-14 October at the Biopolis, Singapore’s custom built biomedical research and development hub.
Dx Summit is a global diagnostics conference series bringing together global key opinion leaders in diagnostics to generate discussions and develop collaborations which will help to address the unmet clinical needs in this rapidly expanding field. Its focus will be on crucial challenges faced when spearheading market entry into Asia.

To register, visit https://selectbiosciences.com/conferences/agenda.aspx?conf=DTSForum#day1