The Keio Journal of Medicine

The September issue of this international journal from Keio University is now available online.

Contents of Latest Issue

Vol 55 No 3
September 2006

Perspectives in Medical Education
2. A blueprint for reform of medical education in Japan
......R Harsha Rao

Duodenal carbonic anhydrase: Mucosal protection, luminal chemosensing, and gastric acid disposal
......Jonathan D. Kaunitz and Yasutada Akiba


Large-scale correlation of DNA accession numbers to the cDNAs in the FANTOM full-length mouse cDNA clone set
......Itsuki Ajioka, Takuya Maeda, and Kazunori Nakajima

Induction therapy with twice-daily interferon-beta does not improve the therapeutic efficacy of consensus interferon monotherapy for chronic hepatitis C
......Hidetsugu Saito, Shinichiro Tada, Hirotoshi Ebinuma, Hiromasa Ishii,
Kazuo Kashiwazaki, Jiro Nishida, Takeshi Yoshida, Shigeyuki Zeki,
Hideo Yoshida, Masahiro Yoshioka, Yasutaka Inagaki, Naoki Kumagai
and Toshifumi Hibi

Meetings of The Keio Medical Society

Forensic aspects related to pediatric pathology: medicolegal aspects of pediatric head injuries.
......Roger W. Byard

A Vertical Challenge: Role of Desmoglein 1 in Epidermal Morphogenesis.
......Spiro Getsios, Linda J. Sheu, Rachel L. Dusek, Cory L. Simpson,
Mona L. Cornwell, Todd Gocken, Susan E. Crawford, and Kathleen J. Green

The potential value of targeting remodeling for AF therapy
......Stanley Nattel

Electropathology of the pulmonary veins
......Stanley Nattel