Experts from the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Their expertise include Bamboo Management, Silviculture, Non-Wood Forest Produce Furniture, Mangrove, Forestry, Tissue Culture Horticulture, Seed Science, Microbiology Pharmaceutical, Drug Discovery, Natural Products Chemistry, Herbal Product Essential Oils, Wood Composite, Biomass Utilisation, Manufacturing Mechanisation and Automation

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Name: Dato' Dr. ABD. LATIF B. MOHMOD
Expertise: Management and Silviculture - Bamboo Management and Silviculture - Rattan Ecology - Palm and Rattan

Name: Mr. Abdul Hamid bin Saleh
Expertise: Non-Wood Forest Produce Furniture Technology/Automation

Name: Dr. Chan Hung Tuck
Expertise: Mangrove, forestry

Name: Dr. Kodiswaran Kandasamy
Expertise: Tissue Culture Horticulture and nursery Plant Physiology

Name: Dr. Marzalina Mansor
Expertise: Seed Science and Seed Technology Tissue Culture

Name: Dr. Mohd Ilham Adenan
Expertise: Microbiology Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery

Name: Dr. Nor Azah Mohamad Ali
Expertise: Natural Products Chemistry Development/Formulation of Herbal Product Essential Oils

Name: Dr. Rahim Sudin
Expertise: Wood Composite, Biomass Utilisation

Name: Dr. Wan Tarmeze bin Wan Ariffin @ Wan Mohd
Expertise: Non-Wood Forest Produce Furniture Technology/Automation Strength of Materials Furniture Mechanics Numerical Analysis Manufacturing Mechanisation and Automation

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Published: 16 Oct 2006

Contact details:

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) 52109, Kepong Selangor Darul Ehsan

603 - 6279 7000
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