HKUST Launches a Transformative Degree Program in Integrative Systems and Design First Experiential Learning Program in Hong Kong

HKUST Launches a Transformative Degree Program in Integrative Systems and Design First Experiential Learning Program in Hong Kong that Allows Students to Plan What and How to Learn.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is launching a transformative new degree program in Integrative Systems and Design (ISD), which will revolutionize traditional teaching method as students will study systems design not through fixed curriculum, but project-based learning in teams where the “what” and “how” to learn are individualized.

Commencing in the fall term of 2018, the new program does not target merely academic high scorers, but those who display exceptional talent and learning potential in specific subject areas. During the four-year curriculum hosted by the Division of Integrative Systems and Design, these students – under the guidance of dedicated faculty and mentorship from the Division’s industrial partners, will take open-ended team-based projects to build their knowledge in design and systems thinking, specific technology strength and entrepreneurial spirit through learning-by-doing. The students can choose their own means in acquiring the necessary knowledge – whether by taking regular, MOOCs, online or flip-classroom courses, or even self-study.

“Science and technology advance exponentially. It has enabled a new era of disruptive innovations that create new markets and value networks to drive national economic growth. A good example of game-changing innovation is smart phone that has changed our lifestyle dramatically. The birth of disruptive innovations requires both cutting-edge science and engineering advancement and innovators who could integrate know-hows that span different disciplines in a user-oriented and human-centered mindset. To nurture such innovators, engineering education should have a function of incubator for the entrepreneurial talents. To fulfill this mission, we need a more interactive and student-oriented pedagogy – one that encourages active learning and could adapt to the student’s inherent interests and strengths to unlock their innovation potential,” said Prof Wu Jingshen, Acting Head of Division of ISD.

Established under the School of Engineering, the Division aims to nurture students’ technological competence, critical thinking ability and necessary business sense through team-based projects. Moreover, the Division will also facilitate interactions among faculty of different disciplines in order to spark new ideas and collaborations.

Supporting our efforts, senior executives and engineers from like-minded industries including DJI, Philips, Dyson, Tencent and Analog Devices will be invited to participate in the program by offering industrial and market perspectives for the students’ projects, as well as invaluable internship opportunities.

The program is a significant step forward in HKUST’s commitment to enhance self-learning since the University launched a tri-model education framework in 2013, putting experiential learning and student-led courses as one of the three throngs in such approach, in addition to a well-rounded curriculum and accelerated courses.

For program details and admission requirements, please visit the link below.

Published: 04 May 2018

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