PolyU - China Resources plan to establish joint research centres for micro-electronics and precision medicine

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) reached strategic collaborative research framework agreements with China Resources Microelectronics Limited (CR Micro) and China Resources Life Science Industry Development Co., Ltd. (CR Life Science).

(14 November 2018) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) reached strategic collaborative research framework agreements with China Resources Microelectronics Limited (CR Micro) and China Resources Life Science Industry Development Co., Ltd. (CR Life Science) respectively to explore the possibility of establishing two joint research centres for novel micro-electronic devices and precision medicine. The agreements will strengthen the strategic collaboration between the parties, aiming to translate technologies research into practical applications.

PolyU excels in a number of research areas including artificial intelligence (AI), advanced materials, life science and healthcare. CR Micro and CR Life Science will provide resources and support to PolyU researchers and will build a mutually beneficial platform with PolyU to advance the transfer of research results into applications through close collaborations among industry, academia and research & development (R&D) sector.

The agreements were signed today on PolyU campus by Ir Professor Alex WAI, Vice President (Research Development) of PolyU; Mr Sean ZHANG, General Manager of CR Micro; and Mr YAN Jianguo, Chairman of CR Life Science. Witnessing the ceremony were Mr LIU Zhi-ming, Deputy Inspector, Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs, Liasion Office of The Central People’s Government in HKSAR; Mr T C CHAN, PolyU Council Chairman; and Mr CHEN Ying, Chief Strategy Officer of China Resources Group (CRG).

Mr T C CHAN, Chairman of PolyU Council, said, “PolyU has always been committed to conducting impactful research with practical value. In addition to basic research, we also attach great importance to applied research.

Among the universities in Hong Kong, PolyU has achieved outstanding results in knowledge transfer, taking up a leading role in the last four consecutive years. This is attributed to our close collaboration with the industry over the years. PolyU has proved itself a good partner of the industry. It is convinced that the collaborative effort between PolyU and CRG will generate fruitful commercialisation results from our research success through the tripartite partnership among industry, academia and research sector, thus improving people’s quality of life and promoting economic prosperity.”

Mr CHEN Ying, Chief Strategy Officer of CRG, said, as a China state-owned enterprise, the Group is determined to implement its innovation-and-technology (I&T) driven strategies. The Group acknowledges that I&T is critically important to its transformation and development, therefore I&T development is a sustainable strategic direction of CRG. In the long run, the Group would cultivate innovation as corporate’s culture and DNA, it would also enhance investment in technology innovation, nurture talents and future leaders, perfect corporate culture and improve incentive schemes.

The collaboration between CRG and PolyU is an important initiative to realise the nation’s implementation of the “innovation-driven” growth strategy and the Greater Bay Area development plan, as well as the Group’s I&T development strategy. Leveraging each other’s strengths, both parties will beef up the manpower and resources for I&T and promote commercialisation of research efforts. CRG will also continuously enhance its innovativeness and competitiveness for economic development and develop high-quality products.

PolyU will collaborate with CR Micro to jointly develop an intelligent sprayable nano-engineered sensor system for monitoring the structural health of large wind turbine blades and its management system. It is expected that such technology will be applied to wind turbines of the renewable energy sector of China Resources.

Another joint research project is to develop a low-cost, light-weight, highly sensitive and mechanically flexible organic electrochemical transistors for medical diagnosis use.

CR Micro also plans through various channels to support the joint R&D in third generation power semiconductor and module-based semiconductor device, sensing application, AI and advanced manufacturing, Internet of Things and smart cities.

The two parties will jointly apply research project grants from Hong Kong and national projects, and strive to open up domestic and foreign markets through various channels for commercialisation of research findings.

Separately, PolyU will collaborate with CR Life Science to develop frontier technology and products in life sciences and precision medicine, covering both fundamental and clinical research on precision medicine. The collaboration will leverage the edges of the two parties to conduct research on tumors, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases and rare diseases. PolyU experts will undertake research projects whereas CR Life Science will provide major research funding and open the channels for the application of related technologies.


About The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has a total student population of about 28,000. Through our faculties and schools, the University connects education and research to the real world as manifested in our motto: “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”. Through an innovative education model combining professional knowledge with Service-Learning and real-world experience, PolyU has nurtured many bright minds to serve and contribute to the community. We also challenge boundaries and uncover knowledge, bringing many practical yet world-changing ideas to life for the benefit of mankind. These efforts reflect our commitment as described in the University’s brand promise – “Opening Minds • Shaping the Future”.

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About China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“CR” or “China Resources Group”) was first established as “Liow & Co.” in Hong Kong in 1938, and was later restructured and renamed as China Resources Company in 1948. The Group’s core businesses include consumer products (including retail, beer, food and beverages), power, real estate, cement, gas, pharmaceuticals and finance. Under China Resources Group there are 7 key strategic business units, 17 grade-1 profit centers, 7 listed companies in Hong Kong, and more than 400,000 employees. In 2017, the Group achieved a turnover of HKD 541 billion. China Resources Group is one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, ranking 86 in 2018. Website link below.

About China Resources Microelectronics Limited
CR Micro is a Chinese analog semiconductor group with a complete industrial chain, together with its subsidiaries (the “Group”) is engaged in four principal businesses, which cover Integrated Circuits (“IC”) design, open foundry, IC testing & packaging and discrete devices businesses. CR Micro is positioned as the most competitive semiconductor company in mainland China. CR Micro is striving to become a leader for energy-saving semiconductor products in China by capitalizing on the eminent position of China as the global manufacturing powerhouse and its burgeoning domestic market, unique design and process technologies of the Group as well as synergy from close cooperation among internal industrial chain. Website link below.

About China Resources Life Science Industry Development Co., Ltd.
CR Life Sciences Industry Development Co., Ltd. is positioned as the "innovation engine" of China Resources Group's comprehensive health sector. It focuses on the three fields of precision medicine, biotechnology and digital medical care. At present, it is building China Resources Life Science Park in Beijing, actively attracting technical achievements in the fields of protein, small nucleic acid iRNA, oncolytic virus, CAR-T, monoclonal antibody, traditional Chinese medicine, medical device, aerospace microorganism, gene diagnosis and so on, to create a comprehensive platform integrating production, study, research and application. At the same time, CR Life Science will set up a life science research institute to integrate basic research, technology research and development, application demonstration and result transformation, carry out cutting-edge research in the industry and cultivate talents with independent innovation, in order to facilitate independent innovation and building China into a science and technology giant.

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Published: 14 Nov 2018

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