2nd World Disruptive Innovation Summit - 11-13 February 2019, Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

Do You Know How 3D Printing Will Disrupt the Future of Construction?

WinSun, a Chinese 3D printing company, has developed the first continuous 3D printer for the construction sector. Using WinSun’s printer, a two-story 12,000 square feet villa can be printed in one day and assembled in two, with just three workmen. Examples like this signify an unprecedented leap forward in building efficiency, and one increasingly embraced by construction crews across the globe.

Discover How WinSun Attained its Position as the World’s First High-Tech Company to Achieve 3D-Printed Architecture At the Singapore Center for 3D Printing, efforts are underway to investigate how this technology can be used to improve Singaporean public housing.

Launched in 2016, the Center is equipped to print customized concrete structures such as rooms, beams and pillars, all in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way. Aside from the technology to do this, the Center is also expected to play a crucial role in the creation of standards to govern 3D printing activities, helping to ensure that 3D concrete printing’s disruption of the global construction industry becomes the norm going forward.

‘Revolution’ is not hyperbole here. The ability of 3D printers to work 24/7 and at no risk to human builders, while doing the job better than human builders can, is fundamentally changing the face of construction. And as the technology behind it continues to evolve, we can only look forward to more refined applications and more efficiencies from 3D printing in the future.

Join us at Clariden’s 2nd World Disruptive Innovation Summit in Singapore on 11 – 13 February 2019 to learn how top leaders from Airbus, Singularity University, SingTel, Google and Microsoft are using cutting-edge technologies to re-invent themselves in this disruptive era.


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