DGIST signed a Contract for 1 billion KRW Personal Life Data Management Technology Transfer

Senior Researcher Wonseok Kang signed a technology transfer contract for commercialization of DGIST-VRES CUBE 'Complex Life Log Management Technology'. Will develop new services such as living and health with life data management Technology

DGIST research team has recently entered a technology transfer contract with VRES CUBE to commercialize 'Complex Life Log Management Technology’ developed through the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. It will be able to provide a service that can manage complex elements of living health and lifestyle for present-day people.

Last Novemebr, DGIST signed a 1 billion KRW technology transfer contract with VRES CUBE to commercialize ‘Complex Life Log Management Technology,’ which can be used in various personal living healthcare, by collecting and processing health data.

‘Complex Life Log’ means complex and atypical aggregate data on physical and environmental changes generated in daily life. Convergence Research Center’s Researcher Wonseok Kang’s Team developed ‘Complex Life Log Management Technology’ that collects and processes such data.

Personalized and customized services on smartphone or smartwatch devices have already become widely available. However, the ‘Complex Life Log Management Technology’ developed by Senior Researcher Kang’s Team will be able to provide services without device constraints, because various data ben be transferred, analyzed, and applied in building various services on personal devices through the technology.

VRES CUBE will start developing a platform to provide services through various cooperation with Senior Researcher Wonseok Kang’s Team including technology transfer. Developing the O4O1) platform business service model, which has enhanced the existing O2O platform will be able to provide new services that overcome time and space constraints.

The provision of this service will greatly help with regular care for diseases such as dementia beyond mere personal healthcare. It will also be used in steel and manufacturing industries that need regular health checkups for workers.

Senior Researcher Wonseok Kang at Convergence Research Center for Wellness said “With the growing importance of data in generating new markets for future industry, there is a high expectation for the launch of business model that Complex Life Log Management Technology. We will accelerate our R&D to expand the functions provided through the Complex Life Log Management Technology from now on.”

VRES CUBE CEO Changyeol Paik said “The O4O Platform we have been developing can analyze online data on human body and the surrounding environment and directly apply them in real life. We will do our best to launch the service as soon as possible.”

VRES CUBE is an innovation convergence company that focuses on developing technology and providing services for humans to lead a healthy and happy life through the convergence of 4th industry technology Convergence. It is run by 3 people including CFO Jaehoon Lee and Platform Business Director Jeho Paik who lead the business.

Published: 18 Mar 2019

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