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Universities urged to take a pro-active role in raising awareness on Energy and Environment among students

Centre for Education and Research in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CETREE) conducted a 3-day workshop to assess and examine energy and environment course offered by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Second Semester Academic year 2003/200 at the Paradise, Sandy Beach Resort, Penang on 16th June 2005. The aim of the workshop is to engage discussion and exchange ideas and expertise in developing a comprehensive course package for university students and disseminate the course to other public
universities in Malaysia for implementation.

The workshop was closed by Prof. Haji Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Director of CETREE who urged universities to take a pro-active role in raising
awareness on Energy and Environment among campus students. He said, "As Malaysia is moving intensively towards industrial and technology base, its energy demand and consumption increases and so is the impact on the environment. the incorporation of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) into university course programme provides initial exposure and awareness on EE and RE to generate energy discourse, assist in knowledge creation and encourage better practice".

According to Prof Haji Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, "USM has offered the course in 2003-2004, after the successful acceptance of this course by the university students, it was revised again in 2004-2005". The content of this course was lectures, test and visits to industry.

Published: 08 Jul 2005

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