UNIMAS Research Award Night 2007

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak will be honouring the best of their research with the UNIMAS Research Award Night to be held on 26 Feb 2007.

Awards to be given away include:

1. Best Researcher for the Year 2005/2006

2. Highest International R & D Grant Recipient Award for the Year 2005/2006

3. Highest National R & D Grant Recipient for the Year 2005/2006

4. Best Winner at International R & D Exhibitions in 2005/2006

5. Award for Special Achievement at International R & D Exhibition in 2005/2006

6. Best Winner at National R & D Exhibitions in 2005/2006

7. Young Researcher Award for the Year 2005/2006

8. Winner for High Impact Journal Publication in 2005/2006

9. Winner for Original Writing (Book Manuscripts) for the Year 2005/2006

10. Winner for Best International Conference Paper Category in 2005/2006

For more information, please contact

Prof Murtedza Mohamed
Telephone: +6082672408
Facsimile: +6082671975
Email: [email protected]

Published: 20 Feb 2007

Contact details:

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak94300 Kota SamarahanSarawak, Malaysia

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