TUS adopted under the MEXT Program to Promote Internationalization of University Education (Support for Pioneering International Collaboration)

The advanced international collaboration program proposed by the Tokyo University of Science has been selected for adoption under the Program to Promote Internationalization of University Education (Support for Pioneering International Collaboration) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for FY2007.

This program is a collaborative effort between TUS and three partner universities acclaimed among the top research-based universities in America - the University of California, Davis, the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Ohio State University.

It makes an unique combination of the one-year Study Abroad Program in undergraduate and the Double Degree Program in a postgraduate program for acquisition of master's double degrees. This enables students to acquire master's degrees from TUS and one of the partner universities on completion of their master's course.

For TUS students, the program provides a chance to absorb specialist knowledge in English and enhance their ability in international communication, through study at an advanced research university in the US. They are expected to grow as human resources who can be active on the global stage as their future career options expand, by acquiring an international sense and a broad vision through practical experience of a foreign culture, while also acquiring master's degrees from both Japan and the USA.

Students from the US side, meanwhile, take part in the program as exchange students from their own postgraduate courses. They study at TUS for about a year, during which time they mainly engage in research for their master's thesis, joint intensive courses in English, etc. On completion of their course, they are then awarded master's degrees from TUS as well as their own university.

For TUS, nurturing these postgraduate exchange students from advanced research universities will not only promote reforms of our postgraduate education towards a standard of global relevance, but will also raise international recognition of TUS and help to further strengthen the university's international competitiveness.

Published: 03 Sep 2007

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