Experts on Disaster Management, Forensic Pathology and Social Security

Prof. Dr M.A. Miyan is the founder of South Asian Disaster Management Center (SADMC); Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nasimul Islam worked for the UN as a forensic pathologist; Prof. Masahiro Fukaya is a Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management

1) Prof. Dr M.A Miyan is founder of the specialized centre - South Asian Disaster Management Center (SADMC) which is involved in training, research and publication on disaster preparedness and mitigation. He was a WMO invited expert in the recent World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDR) at Kobe, Japan.
Institute: South Asian Disaster Management Center (SADMC), International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Bangladesh
Areas of Expertise: Disaster management, preparedness and mitigation

2) As a forensic pathologist, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nasimul Islam has worked for the United Nations assigned to Samoa. He is currently active in research mainly on sudden unexpected death, drug abuses, statistical studies on crimes and sexual offences.
Institution: Universiti Sains Malaysia
Areas of expertise: Forensic Pathology; sudden unexpected death; drug abuses; statistical studies on crimes; sexual offences

3)Prof. Masahiro Fukaya is Professor of the Faculty of Policy Management, Graduate School of Media Governance, KEIO University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
Institution: Keio University, Japan
Areas of expertise: sociosemantics, theory of sense-making, public finance of local government, social security