Experts in International and Space Law, Security in Asia Pacific and US-Japan Relations

Prof Setsuko Aoki, Dr Ken Jimbo and Prof. Naoyuki Agawa from Keio University, Japan

1) Expert in International and Space Law

Prof Setsuko Aoki received her Ph.D. from McGill University (Canada) and was Associate Prof. in the Department of International Relations, National Defense Academy before joining Keio University.

Her recent publications include:
- "Military Uses of Outer Space in the 21st Century", in M. Kurosawa,ed., Disarmament Theory in WMD (Shinzansha, 2004)[in Japanese]
- "International Framework against Bioterrorism", in T. Takeuchi & H. Nakatani,eds., Infectious Diseases in Globalization Era (Keio Univ. Press, 2004)[in Japanese]
- "The Prospective UNIDROIT Protocol on International Interests in Space Assets and International Space Law", J.Int'l L. & Diplomacy (2003)[in Japanese].
- The Utilization of the World's Air Space and Free Outer Space in the 21st Century; P.381-408; 2000/04

2) Expert in International Security and Security in Asia Pacific

Dr Ken Jimbo's recent publications include
- "Japan" Charles Morrison ed., Asia Pacific Security Outlook 2005 (New York: JCIE, 2005).
- "Rethinking Japanese Security: New Concepts in Deterrence and Defense", Benjamin Self and Jeff Thompson eds., Japan's Nuclear Option: Security, Policy and Option for 21st Century (Washington DC: Henry A. Stimson Center, 2003).
- "Emerging Feature of Multilateral Security in Asia Pacific" Global Economic Review (Vol.32, No.3, 2003).
- “ARF and Asia-Pacific Multilateral Security” EurAsia Bulletin, Vol 7. No.2, February 2003.

3) Expert in United States Constitutional History and U.S.-Japan Relations
Prof. Naoyuki Agawa's latest books include
- Have You Found America? (Toshi Shuppan)
- Maritime Friendship (Chuokoron)
- Do You Dislike America? (Shinchosha)
- To America with de Tocqueville (Shinchosha)