Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage

The dream of a space to highlight the unique cultural heritage and contributions of Asian Canadians will soon make a dream a reality with the creation of the Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage (VMACCH). The first phase of the project will be launched in March 2009.

Information and contributions from Asian Canadian communities is an integral part of the project. Its goal is to show representations of how Asian Canadian communities live and express their cultural identity in Canada in the form of photographs, videos and journals, among others. The organizers hope that the project will provide opportunities to foster the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultures of Asian Canadian society, not just to promote Asian Canadian cultural expressions. Further, they are also interested in discovering further whether the cross-cultural encounters between Asian Canadians and the rest of Canada can forge new cultural expressions.

The Museum will feature information on Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage encompassing Canadians from:
o Central Asia or Central Asian heritage
o Southeast Asia or Southeast Asian heritage
o South Asia or South Asian heritage
o East Asia or East Asian heritage

The Museum is designed around the following themes:
o General History of Asian Canadians
o Cultural Traditions and Storytelling
o Visual Art contributions
o Musical contributions
o Dance contributions
o Literary contributions
o Scientific and Technological contributions
o Social Development, Community Engagement and Humanitarian

Works contributions
o Cultural History Education
o Social History
o Political History
o Milestones in Asian Canadian History

This project is made possible by Canadian Heritage and the Asian Heritage Month--Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc. with support from the York Centre for Asian Research. For more information please go to