New Food Biopolymer E-Journal

A new e-journal to showcase the latest findings in fundamental and applied aspects of food research has been launched by Universiti Sains Malaysia.

This peer-reviewed free online journal entitled Progress in Food Biopolymer Research (PFBR) is available at Below is a list of papers and authors published in its inaugural issue. The editors would like to invite scientists involved in food biopolymer research to contribute and publish their work in this new e-journal.

For more information, please contact:
Chief Editor
Associate Professor Dr Abd Karim Alias
Food Biopolymer Research Group, Food Technology Divison
School of Industrial Technology,
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang, Malaysia
Email: [email protected]

Title of paper: The Effect of Annealing on Structure and Gelatinisation of Maize Starches with Amylose Dosage Series
Authors: Xin Qi, Richard F Tester, Colin E Snape and Ray Ansell

Title of paper: AFM of Starch: Hydration and Image Contrast
Authors: V.J. Morris, M.J. Ridout and M.L. Parker

Title of paper: The Maillard Reaction and Food Protein Crosslinking
Authors: Antonia G. Miller and Juliet A. Gerrard

Title of paper: Why, When and How Hydrocolloids are Employed in Better-Coated Food: A Review
Authors: S.M. Fiszman*, A. Salvador and T. Sanz

Title of paper: Physicochemical properties including granular morphology, amylose content, swelling, and solubility, thermal and pasting properties of starches from normal, waxy, high amylose and sugary corn
Authors: Narpinder Singh, Kawaljit Singh Sandhu and Maninder Kaur

Title of paper: Influence of the whey proteins b-lactoglobulins and a-lactalbumin on retrogradation of starch
Authors: Henrik Lundqvist and Ann-Charlotte Eliasson

Title of paper: Some ways of controlling of the functionality of food biopolymers in multicomponent colloidal food systems by means of intermolecular interactions Author: M.G. Semenova

Published: 14 Dec 2005

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