New publications on AIDS, Insects of Borneo and many more

AIDS To Clinical Examination; Aids To Clinical Surgery; P. Ramlee di Cakera Nusantara; Dari Budaya Ke Media Mengangkat Suara Pinggiran di Sarawak; The Insects Of Borneo (including South East and South Asia); Physiology at a Glance

Summary of 2005 publications by UNIMAS Publishers

Title: AIDS To Clinical Examination
Authors: Soo Hua Huat and P.T. Thomas
This booklet is written to provide students with a list of instructions as checklist with regards to ‘what to do’ and ‘what to look for’ during clinical examination. It is not intended to replace prescribed textbooks of clinical methods, but to complement them as a pocket companion.

Title: Aids To Clinical Surgery
Author:Mohd Zamrin Dimon

Title: P. Ramlee di Cakera Nusantara
Authors:Awang Azman, Awang Pawi dan Khoo Choi Lian

Title: Dari Budaya Ke Media Mengangkat Suara Pinggiran di Sarawak
Author: Jeneri Amir

Title: The Insects Of Borneo (including South East and South Asia)
Authors: Fatimah Abang and Dennis Hill
This Book presents an introductory overview of the insect fauna of western borneo; the text is divided into separate Chapters representing the different Orders of insects, with emphasis on species that are common, particularly abundant, important as pests, or of otherwise special interest. This book also includes some basics entomology in order to make the text self-explanatory. It is intended for use as a college text and reference, and also for the interested general public. Many of the species are illustrated by either clear line drawings or photographs, more than 500 in total, to help in their recognition.

Title: Physiology at a Glance
Author: Pratibha Gupta