UNIMAS graduates to ADC KRONE

As a constantly-growing and highly technology-focused university, UNIMAS recognised a need to establish an integrated IT infrastructure throughout the campus in preparation for implementing high speed cable and wireless e-learning services.

The University campus comprises 14 buildings. The brand new Center for Academic and Information Service and the Chancellery and University House buildings were the main focus for the new cabling infrastructure. The new campus would need to link seamlessly with the old campus, which uses Category 5e cabling from various vendors as well as predominantly Cisco switches.

In the search for an appropriate solution, a number of criteria were established for the new IT infrastructure. These included choosing a cabling infrastructure that would: support emerging technologies for the next two decades; include a technology guarantee; and meet EIA/TIA standards. The solution would need to be provided by a reputable IT cabling manufacturer that provides end-to-end data, voice and video application solutions.

Above all UNIMAS demanded a highly available, resilient, robust and secure infrastructure that
would support the use of various IT applications in all sectors of education in all faculties within the
University. Some of these applications include ERP and e-learning applications, an integrated library
system, a student registration system, a video conferencing system, online electronic databases as well as campus-wide wireless access.

ADC KRONE solution delivers
Following approximately one year of product review, the project team settled on ADC KRONE’s TrueNet® Category 6 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cabling and patch panel solution along with Singlemode and Multimode fibre.

Published: 15 Oct 2009

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