PENANG, 19 Nov. – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) welcomes and supports the government’s initiative to enhance the country’s innovation through the setting up of the National Innovation Centre (MyNIC) which was announced by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak at the BioMalaysia 2009 Exhibition last Tuesday.

Acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal said that USM has set up a centre known as InnovationXchange or IXC Malaysia Berhad, one of the three centres of its kind in the world. The other two are in Australia and the United Kingdom. The centre will act as an intermediary for interested parties to come together in support of innovation for a variety of reasons, including social purposes and the commercialization of research products.

He said that IXC, set up last July and officially launched by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on 8 Oct. 2009, now operates at Sains@USM at Bukit Jambul.

“It will act as a catalyst in support of existing innovations just as the country hopes to realise its aspirations through the setting up of MyNIC,” said Ahmad Shukri during the press conference which was held here to introduce IXC Malaysia.

This has resulted in USM being the first university to act as an intermediary in its efforts to elevate the field of research to an international level. It also provides an avenue for local researchers and the global business world to share ideas and information.

According to Ahmad Shukri, IXC hopes to set up an international network for the sharing of ideas between various parties on innovation and technology. Malaysia would then be the third country in the world to become a hub for non profit-motivated entities.

At the same press conference, the CEO of IXC Malaysia, Berhad Hasannudin Saidin stated that the IXC concept is unique because it opens up greater opportunities for sharing of information and ideas and also helps institutions of higher learning (IPT) in the country to promote their research products. In view of the fact that local IPTs have a large number of high impact research products that need a platform for commercialization, they can go far if they forge smart partnerships with groups that could provide the commitment and the funding to do so.

According to Hasannudin, IXC uses specific methodologies in its operations by being a trained, creative and highly specialized intermediary in carrying out the wishes of its clients. In addition, IXC adheres to information confidentiality priciples. He added that all information gathered via discussions with involved parties will be stored in a confidential database that can only be accessed by those with clearance from IXC.

IXC will protect all information on clients in order to ensure the continued cooperation of the organizations to benefit all involved parties. It would also activate strategic communication and accurate and swift exchange of information for business collaboration at both national and international levels,” he explained.

IXC will not merely function as USM’s intermediary but also aims to offer its services to all public institutions of higher learning (IPTAs) in the country, multinational companies, small businesses, and others.

Any company that has research products or solid innovations can seek IXC’s services to network with similar minded strategic partners to work towards developing their products,” he said.

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Published: 20 Nov 2009

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