8th Commonwealth Congress on Diarrhoea and Malnutrition - Day 2 Oral Presentations

Rotavirus Vaccine; Newborn Care; Coeliac Disease in Children; Obesity in the Developing World; Insights into Diarrhoea; Liver Diseases in Children; Liver Transplantation in the Developing World; Hepatitis C in Children; Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Asians; Community-based Care; Parasites, Diarrhoea, and Atopy; Health Systems for Better Childcare

DAY 2: Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Title of papers to be presented on Day 2 at CAPGAN 2006

Plenary 3: Diarrhoeal Diseases and Malnutrition in the Child-survival Agenda
- Challenge of Diarrhoeal Diseases and Malnutrition in the Global Child-survival Agenda

Rotavirus Vaccine Symposium
- Assessing Rotavirus Disease Burden-The Asian Rotavirus Surveillance Network
- Rotavirus Vaccine Trials in Bangladesh: Past, Present, and Future
- Enhanced Framework for Diarrhoeal Disease Control
- Development of a Bovine-human Reassortant Vaccine (Rotateq)
- A Monovalent Human Rotavirus Vaccine for the Developing World
- Alternative Rotavirus Vaccine Candidates
- Rotavirus Vaccines-The Challenges Which Remain

Scientific Session 10: Newborn Care
- Newborn-care Practices in Rural Gaibandha, Bangladesh
- Use of Referral Services for Sick Newborns in a Community-based Intervention in Bangladesh
- Serial Composition of Human Milk in Preterm and Term Mothers
- Effect of Counselling on Pregnancy Weight Gain, Birth-weight, and Breastfeeding

Scientific Session 11: Coeliac Disease among Children in Asia
- Lymphocytic Gastritis and Childhood Coeliac Disease: Evidence of a
- Positive Relationship
- Coeliac Disease in the First-degree Child Relatives [1-15 Year(s)] of Affected Patients
- Ninety Percent of Coeliac Disease May be Being Missed
- Brush-border Enzyme Activities in Relation to Histological Changes in
- Paediatric Coeliac Disease

Scientific Session 12: Pathogenesis of Diarrhoeal Diseases
- Shiga Toxin Binding to Intestinal Neuroendocrine Cells- A New Step in Pathogenesis!
- Clinical Efficacy of Cefpodoxome Proxetil Compared with Cefixime for
- Treatment of Typhoid Fever in Children
- Bacteraemia: A Risk Factor for Hypoglycaemia among Severely-ill Children, Aged Less Than 5 Years, with Diarrhoea
- Llama-derived Antibody Fragments Capable of Neutralizing Rotavirus in vitro and in vivo

Scientific Session 13: Low Birth-weight
- National Low Birth-weight Survey of Bangladesh, 2003-2004
- No Additional Effect on Birth-weight by Daily Prenatal MultipleMicronutrients Compared to Iron-Folate in Bangladesh: Findings from the MINIMat Trial
- Prevention of Low Birth-weight: Impact of a Home-visitors Network
- Change in Maternal Mid-upper Arm Circumference in Pregnancy As a Predictor of Low Birth-weight
- Low Birth-weight is Associated with Altered Immune Function in Rural Bangladeshi Children
- Early Findings from a Cluster-randomized Community-based Newborn Health Intervention Trial in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Scientific Session 14: Management of Diarrhoeal Diseases II
- Factors Associated with Severe Malnutrition among Hospitalized Children, Aged Less Than 5 Years, with Diarrhoea
- Comparison of D-xylose Hydrogen Breath Test with Urinary D-xylose Testin Indian Children with Coeliac Disease
- Incidence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Bangladeshi Migrants Is Increasing
- Nosocomial Infections among Patients Admitted to an Urban Diarrhoeal Disease Treatment Facility in Bangladesh
- Impact of Breastfeeding Counselling on Relactation in Non-breastfeeding Mothers in a Diarrhoeal Disease Hospital
- Effect of Black Tea Extract on Infectious Diarrhoea

Scientific Session 15: Obesity in the Developing World
- Childhood Obesity and Metabolic Consequences
- Classifying Obesity in Children of Different Ethnic Origins
- Double Burden of Malnutrition in Bangladesh: Trends of Under- and Over-weight among Women, 2000-2004
- Increasing Trend of Body Mass Index >23 in Bangladeshi Mothers of Children Aged Less Than 5 Years
- Double Burden of Disease in Rural Districts and Urban Slums of Bangladesh

Scientific Session 16: Anaemia and Iodine Deficiency during Childhood
- National Prevalence of Anaemia among Children, Adolescents, and Mothers in Bangladesh Increased Drastically
- Anaemia Survey of Urban Bangladesh and the Rural Chittagong Hill Tracts, 2003
- Poor Coverage of Micronutrient Supplements among Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Bangladesh
- Effect of Daily versus Once Weekly Home-fortification with Sprinkles on Haematological and Iron Status among Young Children in Rural Bangladesh
- Effectiveness of Daily and Flexible Home Fortification with Micronutrient Sprinkles to Control Childhood Anaemia in Rural Bangladesh
- Implementing a Data Audit Trail for a Micronutrient Supplementation Trial__A Process of Good Clinical Practice

Scientific Session 17: Insights into Diarrhoea
- Disease Burden of Rotavirus-associated Diarrhoea and Treatment cost in Northern Ghana
- Rotavirus Genotypes and Clinical Severity in Hong Kong over Three Rotavirus Seasons
-Sequence Analysis of the VP7 and VP4 Genes of G1P[8] Rotavirus Strains Circulating in Africa between 1995 and 2002
- Cloning and Sequence Analysis of an ADRV-N-like Rotavirus First Detected in an Adult Diarrhoeal Case in Bangladesh
- IL8 Response to Bacterial Exposure in vitro
- Small-molecule CFTR Inhibitors as Potential Therapy for Enterotoxin-mediated Secretory Diarrhoeas in Developing Countries

Scientific Session 18: Liver Diseases in Children
- Biliary Atresia in Infants: Experience at a Tertiary-care Centre in Bangladesh
- Community Perceptions of ‘Jaundice’ in Rural Bangladesh (Matlab)
- Prevalence of Hepatitis B Infection among Patients of Agartala Government Medical College Hospital during 2001-2005
- Response to Lamivudin Treatment in Children with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Guest Lecture 4: Liver Transplantation - Can Developing Countries Afford It?
- Liver Transplantation in the Developing World

Guest Lecture 5: Hepatitis C in Children
- Hepatitis C in Children: Treatment Outcomes and Can We Afford to Treat It?

Guest Lecture 6: Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Children
- Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Asians: Is It Being Missed?

Scientific Session 19: Community-based Therapeutic Care
- Home-based Therapy for Childhood Malnutrition with Ready-to-use
- Therapeutic Food: The Results of an Operational Programme
- An Education Intervention of 'Food-Health-Care' Model Prevents
- Malnutrition among Bangladeshi Young Children
- Community-based Therapeutic Care for Severely-malnourished Childrenduring Emergency Relief Operations
- Home-based Therapy for Oedematous Malnutrition with Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food

Scientific Session 20: Parasites, Diarrhoea, and Atopy
- Cryptosporidiosis in Children in Kuwait: A Molecular Trail to Mode of Transmission
- Entamoeba histolytica-associated Diarrhoeal Illness Is NegativelyAssociated with the Growth of Pre-school Children: Evidence from a Prospective Study
- Lower Titre of Ascaris IgE and Asthma Symptoms: Association among 3-year Old Bangladeshi Slum Children
- Acute-phase Protein Levels, Diarrhoea, Trichuris trichiura, and Maternal Education are Predictors of Serum Retinol: A Cross-sectional Study of Children in a Dhaka Slum, Bangladesh

Scientific Session 21: Improving Health Systems for Better Childcare
- Use of Urban Depot-holders Improving Selected Healthcare Services for Children Aged Less Than 5 Years
- Unlocking the Potentials: Ward Health Committees are Making Difference in the Urban Health System in Bangladesh
- Strategy to Promote Home Fortification with Sprinkles for Controlling Anaemia among Young Children