8th Commonwealth Congress on Diarrhoea and Malnutrition - Day 3 Oral Presentations

Obesity in Childhood; Vaccines for the Prevention of Diarrhoea; Data for Decision-making; Environment and Health; Malnutrition and Response to Feeding; Infant and Young Child Feeding; Child Health; Severe Malnutrition in the Community; Optimizing Management of Diarrhoea and Anaemia; Combating Micronutrient Malnutrition; HIV Infection and Nutrition;

DAY 3: Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Plenary 5: Obesity in Childhood
Childhood Obesity: A Growing Nutritional Threat in the Developing World

Vaccine Financing Workshop
Vaccines for the Prevention of Diarrhoea

Data for Decision-making
Examples of Cost-effectiveness Models and Presenting Data to Decision-makers
The Singapore Model: A Case Study
Sustainable Financing for Immunization

Scientific Session 22: Environment and Health
- Phenotypic and Molecular Characteristics of Escherichia coli Isolated from the Aquatic Environment of Bangladesh
- Bacterial Contamination of Tubewell Water in Bangladesh and Probable Sources of Contamination
- Synergistic Action of Point-of-use Disinfectants on Contaminated Surface Water in Bangladesh
- Extent of Faecal Contamination of Drinking-water Sources in 2004 Flood in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Scientific Session 23: Malnutrition and Response to Feeding
- Growth of Malnourished Children Attending a Partial-day Treatment Programme in the Dominican Republic
- Nitrogen Absorption and Nitrogen Balance in Malnourished Children Recovering from Shigellosis Receiving Plant-based and Animal-based Diet
- Impact of Gluten-free Diet on Clinical Profile and Anthropometry in Children with Coeliac Disease
- Effect of Exclusive Breastfeeding Counselling on Iron and Zinc Status of Infants of the MINIMat Study, Bangladesh

Scientific Session 24: Infant and Young Child Feeding II
- National Assessment of Status of Infant and Young Child Feeding in Bangladesh
- Mid-arm Circumference as a Valid Indicator of Birth-weight__A Hospital-based Study on Bangladeshi Neonates
- The ‘Baby Square’__A Low-cost Screening Tool to Identify High-risk Neonates in Rural Communities
- Prelacteal Feeding Delays Breastfeeding Initiation in Rural Bangladesh

Scientific Session 25: Child Health
- Community-based Estimation of Prevalence of Birth Defects in Rural Bangladesh
- Care-seeking Pattern and Outcome of Otitis Media in a Birth Cohort in Rural Bangladesh
- An In-depth Examination of Childhood Drowning in Rural Bangladesh
- Effect of Age, Parity, and Previous Outcome on Pregnancy in Rural Bangladesh
- Interrelationship of Serum Zinc, Copper and Magnesium Levels in Children with Different Nutritional Status in Bangladesh
- Does Proximity to Market Influence Dietary Diversity of Pregnant Women in Rural Bangladesh?

Scientific Session 26: Severe Malnutrition in the Community
- Status of Severely-malnourished Children in BRAC-operating Upazilas of National Nutrition Programme
- Effectiveness and Sustainability of Protocolized Management of Severe Child Under-weight among the Dhaka Urban Poor
- Reducing Malnutrition in Young Children in Urban Slums of Bangladesh Using Positive Deviance Approach
CD4 Counts of Severely-malnourished Children Infected and Uninfected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1
- Prospective Assessment of Dietary Intake in Malawian Children at Risk for Kwashiorkor
Nutrition Education Intervention of 'Food-Health-Care' Model Reduces Moderate Malnutrition among Bangladeshi Children

Scientific Session 27: Optimizing Management of Diarrhoea and Anaemia
- Management of Childhood Gastroenteritis: What Does Need Improvement?
- Dioctahedral Smectite in Acute Watery Diarrhoea in Children: A Randomized Clinical Trial
- Pathogenesis of Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis-associated Diarrhoea in Bangladeshi Children and Adults
- Impact of Iron Supplementation and Anti-helminthic Treatment on Changes in Haemoglobin Status and Parasitic Infections among Anaemic Bangladeshi Children Living in a Slum Area of Dhaka City Hepcidin and Anaemia: A Review

Plenary 6: Combating Micronutrient Malnutrition
- Food-based Approaches to Combat Iron Deficiency during Early Life

Special Session 1: HIV Infection and Nutrition
- HIV in Bangladesh__Current Scenario
- Nutrition and HIV: Science vs Hyperbole__Where Is the Intersection?
- Management of Severe Malnutrition in HIV-infected Children: Recent Review of Current Evidence
- Nutrition and HIV Programming Framework__Evidence and Policy Implications

Guest Lecture 7: Improving Outcome of Management of Severe Malnutrition
Reducing Child Deaths by Improving the Quality of Care of Severely-malnourished Children

Guest Lecture 8: Coeliac Disease on the Increase in Asia
Coeliac Disease on the Increase in Asia

Guest Lecture 9: Ethics of Doing Research
Medical Ethics: A Policy for CAPGAN!

Special Session 2: Health and Nutrition of Children and Women in Disaster Situations: Experience from Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Health and Nutrition of Children and Women in Disaster Situations: Experience from Pakistan

The Tragedy of the Tsunami of 26th December 2004

Health and Nutrition Status of Earthquake-affected Population in Pakistan