Launching of CCB@USM’s One Stop Bioinformatics Hub

The Centre for Chemical Biology at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (CCB@USM) has launched a One Stop Bioinformatics Hub to serve the biological research community of Malaysia.

It is a whole suite solution that meets the need for easily accessing and analyzing the up-to-date large-scale biological data sets of major bioinformatic repositories with a workflow engine dedicated to data synchronization, processing, and distribution. It also features a public access web portal for various bioinformatics tools.

CCB@USM's One Stop Bioinformatics Hub aims to be a data-centric, integrative knowledge-analysis-sharing hub to efficiently support and enhance the capability of biological researchers from various fields in Malaysia and Asia. Its user-friendly graphical interface facilitates users of all skill levels, giving greater exposure to the usage of existing open source applications and encouraging more Malaysians to dive into the wide field of bioinformatics.

The hub provides Malaysia with locally-hosted mirrored databanks for faster processing and search results. The current collection exceeds 1.1 Terabytes, comprising of the world’s core databanks with tools from simple search to large scale genome analysis. Using cutting edge servers and algorithms, the customizable high-throughput automation framework allows researchers to focus on results, minimizing the need for time consuming data processing. The One Stop Bioinformatics Hub (OSBH) is a Benchmark of USM APEX initiative for the life-science researchers for the sustainable science platform in Malaysia.

The One Stop Bioinformatics Hub is accessible at: (see links below)

Published: 01 Feb 2011

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Universiti Sains Malaysia 11800 Minden Penang

++604-6533888 (Main Campus), ++609-7651704/00/11(Health Campus), ++604-5937788 (Engineering Campus)
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