Universiti Sains Malaysia's inventors win 18 medals at MTE 2006

Universiti Sains Malaysia’s researchers won 18 medals at the recent Malaysia Technology Expo 2006. They won 2 golds, 9 silvers and 7 bronzes. The team also received two special awards for Best Design and Most Creative Booth.

The technologies from USM are as follows:

Micellar-enhanced Ultrafiltration for removal of reactive dyes from wastewater for textile industry (Silver Medal)

Sustainable Speedy Superior Tongkat Ali (Silver Medal)

NATUS: The new remedial for microbial caused Diseases (Bronze Medal)

Small Flight Control Simulator ( Ironbird System ) for F-16 (Gold Medal)

From Various Rubber Wastes into Multifunctional Adhesive (MFA): A Novel Recyling Process (Silver Medal)

Ceramic-Metal Cutting Tool Produced Via Friction Welding

New Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resins (Bronze Medal)

μSIL - An innovatice mineral filler for epoxy used in electronic industry (Bronze Medal)

Novel Ecofriendly Method For Sterilization And Decolorization Using Bioplastic-TiO2 Composite Film (Silver Medal)

Pilot Plant For Water Clarification Using Dissolved Air Flotation Process (Bronze Medal)

USM - ROV : A portable Remotely-Operates Vehicle (ROV) for Underwater Inspection (Silver Medal)

CCAID System - An Automatic Intelligent Diagnostic System for Cervical Cancer (Silver Medal)

An Innovative Electrogenerative Process For The Recovery And Removal Of Metal From Industrial Effluents (Gold Medal)

JERA - Ash : Versatile raw materials for glasses, glazes and polymers (Bronze Medal)

Nanoparticle Coating For enhancing Shelf Life of Herbal product (Silver Medal)

IPv6 Over Fiber (Bronze Medal)

RNA EnviroCopp: A novel molecular - based copper detection kit in freshwater enviroment (Silver Medal)

Unidirectional Link Mesh Network over DVB-S (Bronze Medal)

Herbal Stability Monitoring Using Metabolomics (Silver Medal)

Special Awards for Best Design - Open Space Category and Most Creative Design

Published: 01 Mar 2006

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