Launch of : International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids

International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF) disseminates technical information in fluid mechanics of interest to researchers and designers in mechanical engineering.

Table of contents

Temporal and spatial instabilities of the flow in the blood vessels as multi-layered compliant tubes
Mahmoud Hamadiche and Natalya Kizilova

Computational fluid dynamics of flow through a free flap in reconstructive surgery
Sanjay Patel, Dimitris Drikakis and Sandip Pal

Experimental investigations of flow and mixing in Taylor-Couette reactor using PIV and LIF methods
A. Racina, M. Požarnik and M. Kind

Fingering instabilities of a miscible fluid annulus on a rotating Hele-Shaw cell
Ching-Yao Chen and Yu-Chia Liu

Effect of medium properties on convergence rates of multigrid solutions of laminar flows in permeable structures
Maximilian S. Mesquita and Marcelo J.S. de Lemos

Large eddy simulation of compressible mixing layers
C. Le Ribault