USM institutions reinforce Saudi relations

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) aims to reinforce its relationship with higher education institutions in Saudi Arabia.

USM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato Dr. Osman Osmar is now in Saudi Arabia and aims to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation ties with institutions of higher learning here.

Malaysian Consulate General in Jeddah, Mohd. Khalid Abdul Razak said "USM is also willing to accept the inclusion among the children of Malaysians who are in Arabia to pursue their studies and will help the embassy and consulate general to provide a special space for providing information to the Malaysian higher education is not only more than 2,000 people of Malaysia in Jeddah but also for local communities, "he said.

Mohd. Khalid welcomed the intention of USM and promised to help strengthen the close ties with universities in Saudi Arabia.

"We are ready and will be together in promoting Malaysian higher education here and provide facilities, information and together ensure that Malaysia can become a center of academic excellence and attract more people who are in Saudi Arabia pursue higher education in there to make segmentation of the market opportunities available," he added.

Also participating were the Trade Commissioner of MATRADE is in Jeddah, Amran Yem Haji, and officials at the Consulate General.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of USM met with Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Solomon Alrajhi Colleges, Dr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al Rajhi to discuss collaboration between USM and the college is in the supply of Medical and Health Sciences program.

"Experience USM offers a Doctor of Medicine degree program in India with an organization there have worked very meaningful and can be developed in conjunction with interested parties in Saudi Arabia," Omar said.

During the meeting the Vice-Chancellor of USM outlined his own desire and willingness to collaborate are interested parties.

Dr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al Rajhi with Assoc. Abdulrahman M. al Mazrou from the college showed keen interest to work with the university.

"They are interested in the recommendations made and will look at several options and mechanisms that exist for the benefit of both parties," added Omar.

Meanwhile, in Haji Amran's opinion, these efforts should be further strengthened and USM have a good chance in implementing partnership that would benefit the Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

"The MATRADE will help USM to continue negotiations and hope to give good results for Malaysia," said Amran.

USM Vice Chancellor also met Dr. Abdulhalem A. Mazi, Director of the Center for Higher Education Research and Studies (CHERS) Saudi Arabia Ministry of Higher Education office in Riyadh to discuss various issues of higher learning of both countries, especially those related to the university.

Published: 14 Feb 2012

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