Cooking oil successfully turned into biodiesel

Don’t discard used cooking oil because it can still be utilized. A research by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has succeeded in turning cooking oil into biodiesel for use for heavy machinery and vehicles.

Those who give used cooking oil to UPM will be paid RM1 for every 1kg of such oil.

The processing of 100 liters of used cooking oil which takes about six hours will produce 90 liters of biodiesel and 10 liters of glycerol.

Diesel-run engine does not require modification in order to use biodiesel because only 10 percent of biodiesel is needed to be mixed with 90 percent of pure diesel (B10) before it can be used.

A team of UPM researcher took about five years to produce the biodiesel.

Head of Industry Community Networking Unit, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, Prof. Dr Mohd Ali Hassan said the biodiesel had met the certification set by SIRIM. In the first stage of the research, UPM buses and tractors had started using the biodiesel.

“The use of such cooking oil provides an alternative source for the reproduction of biodiesel in reducing the effects of global warming and emission of green gas into the environment,” he said at a launching event for the collection of used cooking oil campaign here.

It was launched by UPM Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry and Community Relations), Prof Dr Ing Ir. Renuganth Varatharajoo, and attended by CIMB UPM Branch Manager, Zuraiti Zakaria. The project was given an injection of RM45,000 in fund from CIMB Foundation.

Prof. Dr Mohd Ali said the processing of biodiesel could put a stop to dumping of used cooking oil indiscriminately that could lead to environmental pollution, and, furthermore, if cooking oil is used repeatedly, it could pose health hazards such as increasing cholesterol in the body.

UPM provides three collection centers for used cooking oil - University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC), Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, and Biorefinery@UPM (Loji Pandu Biokompos).

“We provide an alternative to users where we will pay them RM1 each for every 1kg of used cooking oil sent to these centres,” he said, adding that they should fill up the used cooking oil in its original pack to facilitate weighing of the item.

Prof Dr Ing Ir. Renuganth, in his speech, said the project was the best platform to display how research on discarded materials can result in waste to wealth items. – UPM

By Azman Zakaria

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Published: 09 Mar 2017

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