SPACETEC: A novel SWM for the water industry

This new Spiral Wound Membrane (SWM) module has a greatly enhanced lifespan and will be of great benefit to the water purification and waste water treatment industry.

SPACETEC: A Novel Spiral Would Membrane (SWM) Module Spacer to Extend SWM Life Span & Enhance Permeation Rate

Assoc. Prof. Abdul Latif Ahmad
Dr. Muhamad Zailani Abu Bakar
Dr Syamsul Rizal Abd Shukur
Lau Kok Keong

The demand for Spiral Wound Membrane (SWM) module in water purification and industrial waste water treatment especially wafer fabrication and electroplating industry has increased intensely worldwide for the past decade.

Currently available SWM modules in the market generally possess a life span of between one to two years. To extend the SWM module's life span, the most influencing factor is to design a novel spacer which is able to battle the fouling phenomenon.

The solution is SPACETEC, a novel spacer element which exhibits outstanding features in combating fouling and enhancing permeation flux. The SPACETEC has been designed and fine-tuned by Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation and has been further tested and verified experimentally.

Unique exhibited by SPACETEC includes a novel configuration of spacer filaments and minimum contact permeation area. It has a high commercialization potential as its helps to generate durable SWM modules with a higher permeation rate. This new SWM module will be of great benefit to the water purification and waste water treatment industry.

Pictures available of
Commercial Spacer
Single Scouring effect – Commercial Spacer
Double Scouring Effect – SPACETEC
Comparison of Fouling between SPACETEC & Commercial Spacer

Assoc. Prof. Abdul Latif Ahmad

Published: 10 Dec 2006

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