Asia Research News 2019 Magazine is now available!

The 2019 issue of Asia Research News magazine features fascinating advances in medicine, technology, social sciences, space and environment from across Asia.

Welcome to our 11th year of Asia Research News. In this issue: It is invigorating to learn how researchers are developing new ways to track and treat cancer, diabetes, HIV and even the flu. Equally as intriguing are the advances in computing power, nanotechnology and gene editing enabling these new tools and potential therapies. Researchers are also crafting creative solutions to widespread problems, from glasses that help stop short-sightedness in its tracks, to finding compounds in already available drugs to treat jet lag. Several collaborative projects are poised to make waves in everyday lives – find out more about Singapore’s smart hub for optical fibres, gender equality issues in Myanmar, and bolstering Asia’s food security. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we also invite you to look back and get to know some fascinating researchers from the past in our Moments in History series. Questions about research featured in the magazine can be sent directly to the researchers or press officers indicated at the bottom of each story. Please click on the link below to read the full edition. About Asia Research News Magazine: Published annually since 2009, the magazine combines expert writing and beautiful design to highlight research from Asia. The high-quality print magazine is distributed at more than 80 research conferences all over the world, all year long. It is also mailed directly to leaders in industry, government and academia. The online edition is available to all. Questions about the magazine can be directed to the Asia Research News team at: info [a]