The healing power of ginseng

Highlights from Nature China include Organogels: Stick and shine, Autoimmune disease: A balanced approach, Forestation: Carbon storage in soil, Papaya ringspot virus: Coat variations, Frustrated magnets: Seeking stardom

Nature China will highlight the best research coming out of Mainland China and Hong Kong, providing scientists from around the world with a convenient portal into publications drawn from across all scientific disciplines.

Angiogenesis: The healing power of ginseng
Ginseng contains an active ingredient that can stop the growth of new blood vessels in tumours

Organogels: Stick and shine
Scientists have developed a low-molecular-weight gelator that enhances the fluorescence of organogels

Autoimmune disease: A balanced approach
The signalling molecule β-arrestin 1 plays a role in the prevention of human autoimmune diseases, such as
multiple sclerosis

Forestation: Carbon storage in soil
Forestry plantations can ultimately raise ecosystem carbon storage although soil carbon levels decrease during the first seven years of planting

Papaya ringspot virus: Coat variations
A study in China reveals the level of genetic diversity among papaya-infecting viruses in the world

Frustrated magnets: Seeking stardom
A frustrated magnet with a new type of geometry has been demonstrated for the first time

Published: 25 Jul 2007

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