Antioxidants: Try some ginseng

Scientists in China identify its powerful antioxidant properties. Other research highlights include fish-oil supplements for healthy hearts, incubation of turtle eggs, a new class of bisimides for transistors, non-viral gene carrier for p53 and fabricated metal-organic microtubes.

Nature China highlights the best research coming out of Mainland China and Hong Kong, providing scientists from around the world with a convenient portal into publications drawn from across all scientific disciplines.

Non-viral gene transfer: HPhA carries the day
Scientists in China have found an efficient non-viral gene carrier system for the tumour-suppressor

Antioxidants: Try some ginseng
The numerous medicinal properties of ginseng continue to be revealed, as scientists in China identify its powerful antioxidant properties

Fish-oil supplements: Healthy hearts
Fish-oil supplements improve large arterial elasticity but do not reduce high blood pressure in overweight patients

Embryonic development: Turtles feel the heat
The temperature at which turtle eggs are incubated affects the survival rate, size and even sex of the hatchlings

Organic electronics: A new class of bisimides
Scientists in China have synthesized a class of aromatic bisimides that are excellent materials for transistors

Coordination chemistry: Tubes by design
Metal-organic microtubes have been fabricated using highly symmetrical nanoclusters with a designed structure

Published: 03 Oct 2007

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