UPM – Dutch Lady to Study on Milk Nutrition and Malaysian Children’s Mental Performance

PETALING JAYA, February 16 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Dutch Lady Milk Industries (M) join hands in a research project to study on milk nutrition and mental performance of Malaysian pre- school children.

The clinical research project with estimated value of half a million ringgit was led by Dr. Mohd. Nasir Mohd Talib and a team of three lecturers from the Nutrition and Dietetic Department, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UPM.

The research would involve children from the Klang Valley. After having four different dosages of milk, their mental performance would be tested via computerized test series developed by Cognitive Drug Research, an international research institute in the United Kingdom.

Mental performance refers to verbal memory, spatial memory as well as time reaction, ability to remember figures and pictures, plus the ability to focus. These abilities are very essential to children below five as an indicator of their mental development process.

It took six to eight months to finish the project and is expected to benefit both parties and any organization with the same consumer demographics as Malaysia.

“We are proud to be allied with an outstanding 50-year-old company and brand in Malaysia,” said Dr. Nasir.

Both entities are conscientious on this nutritional-education-based research collaboration in order to gain consumers’ trust towards the product.

In addition, an agreement was signed by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry and International Relations) Prof. Dr. Tai Shzee Yew as the representative of UPM and the Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia, Hans Laaraker.

Dutch Lady Malaysia was set up in 1963 by Royal Friesland Foods in Petaling Jaya under Pacific Milk Industries (Malaya) and became the leader in the dairy products’ market in Malaysia since.

Prepared by Media Section, Corporate Communication Division, UPM.

Published: 06 Mar 2009

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