UiTM student and junior lecture win top awards at British Invention Show

UiTM student and junior lecture have won top awards at the British Invention Show in London, which just ended. The medals won were a Diamond, the Best Invention by Salon Archimedes (Russia), a gold and 6 silver medals.

The British Invention Show, which was held between 12 and 17 Oct 2009, is the largest innovation and technology expo in Britain. Uitm submitted 8 entries of which all won medals.

The Diamond was won by junior lecturer Amalina Amir, 26, of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who contested her product, MIM Route, a device to produce complex metal metalwork. Other than diamond, Amalina also won a gold and the best Invention by Salon Archimedes (Russia). MIM Route is a metal injecting moulding process which can boost mass manufacturing of complex metalwork. Products that need high precision moulding are jewelry, sporting goods, eyeglasses, wristwatches or medical equipment. Other than the mass production this new procedure is environment friendly as it uses a recyclable biopolymer binder.

The gold winning student was Ahmad Zainizan bin Sahdan, 25, who is pursuing his PhD at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He participated his project on nanowire synthesis using low cost gas blocker in catalyic thermal CVD. His idea was having a semi-conductor nonowire for solar cells where a gas blocker was invented to obstruct the gas flow in a 2-furnace CVD system. The gas blocker produced a better control of gas flow that enables stronger UV emission. Upon winning, Ahmad Zainizan said his invention is suitable to be used as light emitting device such as laser diodes.

The other 6 silver medals were won by Azizah Hanom Ahmad who contested her invention on Silicon and Dammar as Coating Materials, Khudzir Haji Ismail for his Water-Tetralin Co-solvent System for Coal Liqefaction, Zukifli Abdul Rashid a software for Waste Management, Nor Hayati Avdul Hamid Pre-Cast Hollow Core Wall which can endure earthquake shocks, Ahmad Faizar Jaafar Self-Charging Machine in Libraries, and Mohd Haris Kamarudin Egg Shell Thermal Insulation Board.

Reported by Megawati Omar

Published: 21 Oct 2009

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