Global recognition for USM'S NAv6 centre has holistic IPv6 curriculum

The National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has received global recognition as a centre of excellence that provides an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) curriculum that is not only holistic but systematic as well.

Strategic partners of USM exchanging documents after the MoA/MoU signing ceremony here, recently.

Latif Ladid, President of the Global IPv6 Forum, said that this is evident from the global collaborations that have been forged by the National Advanced IPv6 Centre in the last two years, including collaboration with industry players and academic institutions from India, the United States of America and others.

He said that efforts undertaken by the NAv6 in developing this field is very valuable and meet the global aims of producing information technology experts at the local level.

�In the context of Malaysia, NAv6 started off on the right note when it set up the centre of excellence and trained human resources to meet the needs in the field of IPv6 and to fulfill the needs of billions of users world-wide. The capability and achievement of NAv6 is proof of Malaysia�s commitment, especially USM, in developing this field. It is also hoped that it can raise the rate of internet usage, especially in third world countries,� he said.

He said this in a media conference after witnessing the MoA/MoU signing ceremony between USM and its subsidiary, Unisains Holdings Sdn. Bhd. with seven other parties here, recently.

The collaboration involves strategic partners at global and local level, including True Meridien, UML Solution India, SOLSIS Sdn. Bhd, iNetmon Sdn. Bhd, Yayasan Kemajuan Sosial Malaysia (YKSM), Dr. Nejim Enterprise and Himac Technology Sdn. Bhd.

The MoU and MoA valued at approximately 1.2 million, is aimed at, amongst others to enhance achievement in the field of research and human resources training to increase competitiveness in the field of IPv6, especially at global level.

Also present at the ceremony were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Network), Prof. Lim Koon Ong; Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs), Prof Ahmad Shukri Mustapha Kamal; Managing Director of Usains Holdings, Dato' Dr. Gan Ee Kiang and Director of NAv6, Prof. R. Sureswaran.

Meanwhile, Prof. Sureswaran stressed that NAv6 is committed to improving its achievement including carrying out human resources training that can enable the nation to produce more local experts in information technology.

As an example, he said that the collaboration with YKSM is one of the efforts undertaken by NAv6 to produce 25 000 IPv6 experts to meet the current needs of the nation with an investment cost of nearly RM 560,000.

'NAv6 is no longer a centre of excellence which is oriented towards achievement at local level as it has spread its wings internationally', he said.

He added that apart from enhancing achievement levels in the field of research, NAv6 also hopes to widen its network for human resources training programmes, which is crucial to fulfill the capacity of IPv6.

'We will set up training centres world-wide for this purpose very soon,' he said while describing NAv6 as a centre of excellence with a special training programme called Certified Network Engineering IPV6.

Prof. Sureswaran went on to say that the agreement that has been forged also covers various fields of research, including the security systems of internet banking networks, traffic monitoring, consultation on internet integration systems and others.

Published: 17 May 2010

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