Universiti Teknologi MARA's Annual Invention, Innovation and Design 2010

University Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia, conducted a 3-day invention exposition and competition at the university 12 – 14 October 2010.

IID is an annual exposition of invention and innovation conducted by the Research Management Institute of UiTM. IID2010-SE saw 523 participations by the university’s academics, students and staff and judged by 200 adjudicators from Malaysian universities and industries. This is the most number of participations in the history of the university's IID. IID began in 2004, which received only 74 competitors.

The research presented at the event are listed below. For a details of the researchers and their contact details, please download the attached file

Microwavable Health Kropok
Stand-it PDH (Portable Document Holder)
The Forgotten Jewels of Borneo Coffee Table Book
StraDev (Strategic Development System)
3-in-1 BCD (Baby-cutie Dispenser)
Aquaculture Tank Cleaning System (AquaTCS)/Technique/Design
Bee Comb Images Detector
5D Decorative Lamp (5DDL)
Adjustable 3-tier Table (A3TT)
SuperSeTIA (Super Specific Tool for Item Analysis)
Practicum E score
A Simple and Novel Method for Skin Pixel Clasification using RGB Ratio Model
An Effective and Novel Method for Skin Colour Detection using LDA Training Tehcnique
FUZZY Portfolio Weath Generator
E-COM - Perisian Multimedia Pengurusan Jenazah
A Novel Design through ISD
ServCuSCI Scale
Planting Material Smart Digger/Product/Design
Ecosave Soundproof Prototype
Guru Hanyu Pinyin - An Online Romanised Mandarin Pronunciation Learning Instruction for Non-native Learners
A Cheap Dye Adsorbent from Agricultural Waste
Novel Folded Origami Systems Concept (NOFOSCO) for Future Green Roofing Application
Pseudo-Mapping of Insect Diversity in Kuala Keniam National Park, Pahang, Malaysia
Five Dimensions Of SERVQUAL-30 Attributes
Dinar Transaction Card
A Model for Validation and Verification of Disk Imaging in Computer Foresnic Investigation
E-Event Manager
Capital and Consumption-Led Growth: Case Study in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Zimbabwe
Grammar for Pre-diploma Learners
MT-KI : A Measurement Tool for Soft Skills in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs)
Innovated Stone-Earth Road Pavement (S-ERP)
My Academic Assistant
A Collection for a Wayfinding System
Trasformation of SITTM Symbolism as a New Design Avenue of Surface Pattern on Product Design Materials
Dirham Card in Point of Sale System
ARC GAME (Audit Right Challenge)
Eco - Innovation Pavement Mix Design
TAKLUK: A Game Board for Geometry and Trigonometry
Event Information System (EvIS)
Gulai Tempoyak's Paste
Gooseberry Sauce
High Fiber Soymeat Ball
Fettumuni Pasta
Cheesy Yam Ball
Fisyl Tea
A Dynamic Assessment Mechanism for Supervision of Postgraduate by Research
Self Consolidating Concrete using Crushed Concrete Waste Aggregate
No Cement Recycle Concrete
Heavy Metal Removal for Waste Water Using Tamarind Seed
Intelligent Trash Bin
Accessing Database based on Iris Recognition
Zero Carbon Emission Portable Transport for Green Environment
Intelligent System for Human Brainwaves Centric Evaluation
Green Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Plaster Ceiling
Ca-stabilized Eu123 Oxygen Sensor Rods
Electrochemical Calculations Using MS Excel
MDCM Kesum Sausage
Homopolymer and Copolymer Polypropylene Reinforced with Coconut Coir Particles
Fire Retardant Treated Wood Wool Cement Board Made from Kelampayan (Neolamarckia cadamba)
Snappy Bite
A Novel Coral Like Structure of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (A-CNTs) on Porous Silicon Template (PSiT) without Using Catalyst
Bio Based Epoxy Acrylate Filled System Composite of Dental Restorative Materials
Frozen Sweet Potato Yam Fingers - BATOTIS
Self Direct Online English Language Training (OLELT)
Mango Kernel Muffin Pre-mix
Fuzzy Inverted Pendulum Robot
Green Technology Energy Saving: Stand Alone Room Lighting Powered by Indoor Wind Generation
Bio-Polymer Gel Electrolytes Based on Modified Natural Rubber
Modified Natural Rubber- based Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Green Batteries
The Potential of Solid Waste Material in Reducing Weight of Plaster Mould
Alternative Charcoal: Waste Material
Electrochromic Material for Smart Windows
Zip-up Exchangeable Batik Design
Porous Silicon Nanostructure Light Emitting Diode (PSiN-LED)
Bundles of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNTs) from Natural Source
Cosmetics from Nano Powder Pegaga
Melon-bilimbi Pastilles
Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes from Palm Oil by a Novel Aerosol Assisted CVD
Improved Dimensional Stability of Bamboo through Microwave Treatment
A Novel Mount Like Nanostructure of TiO2 Nanocoating on Mild Steel Surface
Alternative Medicine Using Banana Sap
Smart Ampaian
Logo Board: Race up Step Pyramid
VeriFy: Verification of Student Academic Performance Using Fuzzy Knowledge-based Approach
The Mathematical Modelling of Demands for Petroleum Products in Malaysia: An Early Findings
Mangrove for CT Scan: An Alternative in Medical Imaging
A Smart Advisory System for Hazardous Transportation Risk Analysis TRA
SWSPro-V2.0 Smart Tool for Hazardous Waste Management
High Efficiency and Intelligent Power Management System for Street Lighting
Portable Pocket Size IC Tester with Multiple Functions and Verifications
Siddiq: SLT
Siddiq: LO-KI
Siddiq: OBE Measure
Development of Dot Plot - Smith Waterman (DP-SW) Algorithm for DNA Sequence Alignment
Ultra-Violet Photoconductive Sensor Fabricated Using Environmentally-Friendly and Novel Zinc Oxide Nanostructures: Nanoholes Enhanced Aligned Zinc Oxide Nanorod Arrays
AcETIG: Action on Ethic and Integrity Game
Cellulose Acetate-Ammonium Salt Complexes Polymer Electrolytes Thin Film
Centralised Practical Training System (CEPAT)
DIGMAP-Detector: An Intelligent Computerized Tool to Detect and Predict Digital Map Pattern
Evaluation of Quality of Counter Services Using Fuzzy TOPSIS
A Wireless Switching Air-Conditioning Controller
The World of an Immigrant
Flexi-BB-Feed ('Flexi-neck' for Baby Bottle)
Improvise Multiplication Gadget (IMG)
Langgir Treatment Shampoo
Dual Brake System for Modenas Motorcycle
E-Staff Search (e-Pencarian Staf)
Innovative Teaching 'SPARK': Special Preparation and Resources Kit
Penggunaan Pakej Pembelajaran WEDPI dalam Membantu Penguasaan Praktis Aplikasi Teknologi Maklumat
E-CLIS: Electronic Clinic Information System
Interfacing Hybrid Mykad Reader with Visitor Registration System (VReS)
Lost and Found Web Information System
Scheduling Method for Solving Agile Manufacturing Scheduling Problem
Student Information Monitoring and Learning System (SIMOLS)
Sign Language Multimedia Software - SiLaMS
Diversity of Aquatic Insects in Keniam River, National Park, Pahang
Universal Data Logger for Testing Vehicle Performance and Early Detection of Breakdown
An Effective SCL Assessment through 1OBE System
Economical Micro-adsorbents for Cd(II) Removal
Interactive Mathematical Learning Courseware (iMLc)
Top Corner Penalty Kick Test
Intelligent Classification System for Agarwood Using k-NN Technique
Instant Durian Cream
Alternative Hash Brown
A Self-Moisture Sulfonated PVDF-HFP/1H-1,2,4 Triazole for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
New Thermal Barrier Epoxy-based Paint from ‘Green’ Epoxidized Oil Resin
Science Lab Management System (SLMS)
Vanadium Oxide Effect on the Characteristic of Synthesized Polypyrrole Composite
Bio-Material-based Cellulose Acetate Polymer for Lithium-Air Batteries
Preparation of Superconducting Thin Films
The Coconut Shell Breaker
Design Small Size of High Frequency (HF) Helical Antenna
Herbs Bread
Peer Editing Manual for ESL Academic Writing
Skull Stripping of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Brain Images
Actuarial Modelling towards Rate of Contribution for SOCSO'S Invalidity Pension Scheme ( IPS )
Disposable Aqua Bidet (DAB)
Virtual Reality Assessment System
WebCED Reinforced Concrete Design Webpage
The InQuRRI: Introducing Quick Reference for Reflective Inventory
Kit Panduan Pensyarah Baru UiTM JOHOR
Alkline Antioxidant Micro Water and the Survival of Influenza a Virus in Human Body
On K-edge-magic Maximal Outerplanar Graphs
RiskM@ART:Risk Management Educational Tool Design
Quick Info Travel Assistant
BE CLEAR in Learning Theories: BE COOL
BE CLEAR: Management E-Game
*ART KITS from Waste Materials
CwA Wall Panel
Automated Settling Curve Generator
Intelligent Virtual Instrument for Glycerin Bleaching Pilot Plant
Moulded Plywood from Coconut Trunk for Furniture Component
Potential Neuroprotective Effects of Four Varieties of Ficus Deltoidea
Kaffir Lime Peels Essential Oil Aromatherapy
Aligned Carbon Nanotubes from Waste Cooking Palm Oil for Field Electron Emission Application: An Environmental-friendly Approach
Novel Structure of End-Coupled and Split Ring Resonators Bandpass Filter
Dual-coupling Hairpin Bandpass Filter
Television Screen Brightness Based on Fuzzy
New Green Electrolytes for Lithium-air Battery
International Ethical Disclosure Index - IDEX
Plaster with Waste Cardboard Material in Creating an Artwork
Aplikasi E-urus ICT
Happy-Hour Bed Case (HHBC)
Risk Information Disclosure Assessment (RIDA)
Bee Colony Optimization Technique for Congestion Management in Power System
ZnO Nanopaleochora via Solution Immersed Method
Measuring Organizational Citizenship Behavior Using a Modified OCB Instrument
Cucti-jeruk Timun Bernutrisi
DoWATECS - Domestic Water Tank Cleaning System
Simulation and Implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Using DSK Board
A New Cellulose-Based Gel Electrolyte
Web-based Laboratory for Control Systems Theory
Novel Oral Care Gel from Andrographis Paniculata (Hempedu Bumi)
Extract Formulation of New Periodontal Gel from Salvadora Persica (Miswak)
GIS-Based NR Property Rental Information System. Case Study: NR Management Unit, Universiti Teknologi MARA
Experimentarium: Science Centre of Interactive Experience
METOUCRE - An Online Solutions for Corporate Real Estate in University
Realization of 1Malaysia through Park Settings
Basic Star Rating Tool for Historic Buildings
Kuala Lumpur Street Children Learning Centre
New Production of Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell via Microwave Irradiation System
MMM - Malaysia Military Museum
Innovation and Invention of Sustainable Green Technology Design in Tasik Biru Kundang, Kuang, Selangor
Decision Support System for Land Public Transport Management
Transparent Schottky Diode with Aligned ZnO Nanorods
HExFrame: House Extension Framework for Terraced Housing
FIRESBREED: Financial Record and Inventory Management System
Automatic Water Level System for Concrete Cube Curing Tank
Regeneration of Spent Bleaching Earth using Rotary Kiln Process
The Effect of Nano-Silver in the Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) Mounted on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Reviving Malay Idioms through Experimental Typography
An Application of Malaysian Masculinity Identity Framework in Designing Men’s Editorial
Black Gold Charcoal
Convertible Heel for Executive Women
Perisian Multimedia Rekabentuk Hiasan Dalaman (SPM) Tingkatan 4 & 5
RUBICON Research Repository
Automatic 3D Surface Reconstruction from Serial Images Using G1 Rational bezier Cubics
Home in My Shoes.com
Bundle Books. com
Attredu TV: Attractive Educational Online TV
Cartoon on Gender Education for Young Children
Non Toxic Waste Paper Toys (FOLDIT)
Art of the Nano-World from Porous Silicon (PSi)
Characterization of Putative Fur Regulatory Region of Local Pasteurella Multocida 6:B Isolate
Potential Value of Extract from Roses in Antibacterial Activity against Escherichia Coli
Penjimatan Penggunaan Air Di Makmal Analisa Makanan Fakulti Sains Gunaan
LLDPE Filled with Bio-nanosilica Composite Prepared from Agricultural Waste (White Rice Husk Ash Powder)
Frozen Sweet Potato Fritters
Viability of Extruded Starch for Green Biodegradable Polymers
POMETO FLAKES – The All-Natural Goodness of Pumpkin in a Crispy Flake
Novel Approach Using Microwave Technology to Produce Flattened Bamboo Panel
Green Polymer Nanocrystal in All Polymer-based Semi Conductor Devices
Adaptive Radiograph Processing and Abstracting Halation for Dental Diagnosis (ARPAH-DD)
Green Technology Fuzzy Automated Solar Tracker
Diwa - A Server-based Device Independent Web Access for Mobile Internet Applications
Kitar Semula Air Terbuang
Consolidated Financial Statement Board Game (Consol Board Games - CBG)
Pelindung Cahaya Mudah Alih (portable Sun Protector)
Pelaksanaan Konsep Takaful Ijtima'I (Social Security) di Universiti Teknologi MARA
FreDAS - A Novel Sugar Substitute
Fraud Saver
Seed Planter
The Masculine Corset
Colorido Parche
Touch Ready to Wear
Biological Clock
Pet Compartment Dress
Deposition of SiO2 Dielectric and Silicon Substrate Doping for CNT/PMMA: MgO/SiO2/Si Organic Capacitors
Nitrogen Doping Amorphous Carbon Thin Film Prepared by Thermal CVD Using Camphor
FuzzCalc for Decision Making
Sports Management Information System - SMIS
Tenant Management System Using CSS Image Maps
Equipment Management System for Paya Indah Wetlands: Event-based Location Module
Development of Parcel Storage Organization System (PSOS) Using Java 2D and Spatial Database
Dual-Coupling Combline Bandpass Filter
E-Commerce Muslims (E-Muslims) Bookstore: A Design Informatics Engineering Business Solutions
Be Clear in Accounting: Accounting JIG
Musyarakah Investment Calculator
Fuzzy Landslide Index Prediction (fLIP)
Accelerating the Preparation of Detention Convocation Letter
Escape from Mazambe
Cholera Transmission Risk Index (CHOTRI)
Potential of High Resolution Satellite Imageries (Ikonos) for Large Scale Mapping
Visitor Safety and Security : Assessment of Training Needs of Tour Guides for Taman Negara, Pahang
Central Market: Our City Ourselves (OCO)
Petronas Contemporary Art Center
Over the Rainbow Children's Resource Centre
A Heart of Kids
Marketing Tools for Housing Developer
Skyline Conservation in Enhancing Visual Quality and Identity of City Using Geographical Information Science (GIS) System
The Design and Development of a Learning Content for Programming C++ in a Mobile Environment / invention and Design
Distinctive Symphony: Merging Disabilities with Music
'Bubu Hijau' - Hub for Collection and Distribution Center for Fishery Complex
OSCAT: Self-Assessment Tool Measuring Safety Culture
(U)LAR Children's Ecological Resource Center
Plant and Machinery Valuation Standard
Autamated Foreset Route Decision Support (AFRoDS)
Proposed Sustainable Landscape Playground Design
Potential of Dried Banana Stem Fibre with Wood Dust as a Sound Absorbing Material
Examination Management System
Integrated Cadastral Lots into Garmin GPS
SCOOP! Children Recource Center
Mining Sand: The Commercialisation of Non-Conventional Material for Malaysian Concrete Industry
The Virtual Abacus Interactive Application
Mari Belajar Bersama "adikkusayang.com"
Public Awareness Program for Asbestos, Bitumen and Lead Exposure (PAP-ABLe)
Ananas Ulamo Spaghetti Sauce
Electronic Attendance (E-BAT)
Computer Lab and Class Msanagement Systems (CLaMs)
Coagulant from Chemically Modified Fish Scale for Textile Wastewater Treatment
KL STUDIO PARK 'Media in between Realms'
Photoresponse Characteristics of Nano Structured CuI for n-Tio2/Dye/CuI Solid State Solar Cells
Hajj Performance Using 3D Simulation on Web Base Application: Focussing on Tawaf
Performing Hajj Using 3D Simulation on Web-based Application Focusing on Sa'i'
E-Guide Kuala Selangor Nature Park
Real-Time Information System for Elevation - Storage - Area Curve in Reservoir Operation
Automated Data Reduction from Total Station to Star*Net Data Format for 3D Deformation Survey
One-Stop PBO (Finder, Predictor, Classifier)
Fuzzy Logic Approach for Sensory Evaluation of Mango Quality
Sound Absorption Coefficient of 12mm Thick Wilham Astex Panel Mounted on Various Thicknesses of Air Gaps
Diamond Design for a Town Centre
Innovation in Prosthesis Stem Design of Total Hip Arthroplasty for Asians Population
A New Design of a Superbike Paddock Stand
Zero Energy Wheeled Mobile Robot
Outdoor Switch Cover Design for Application in Malaysia
RFID Smart Attendance System (RFID-SAS)
Items Identification System (IIDES) for Blind People using Portable RFID
AYoF (At-Your-Fingertip) System
Synthesize of Layered Zinc Oxide Tetrapods for Solar Cell Applications
Engineering IQKAP : An Instrument for Basic Teaching and Learning Course
IQ Leader for UiTM Academic Succession Management Project
The Brand Expe- Resonance Model - a New Invention and Practical Tool of Brand Experience for Fast Food Industry
Triple Credibility Model of Advertising (3CMA) - A Smart Tool to Guide and Evaluate Advertising Campaigns
Genotyping Kit fot HLA-B* 1502
Germ-GOsteen Hand Sanitizer
Sumatrana Immune Booster Capsules
Sumatrana Progluco-tolerance® Tea
Study on Patterns of Tissues Cell for Batik Design
MDR1 Haplaplotype Detection Kit
Developing a Contingency Model of EI-Job Performance Relationship
Security Tool Book Holder
Constructive Light
Alarming Sharp Bin-Saves Time Saves Life
The Emergence of Entrepreneurial University: Entrepreneurial Architecture Model
Model of Renewal in the Academic Knowledge Systems
PALM Model to Increase Efficiency of Lift
CA Tracking Template: Systematic Study Plan
Self Crack Arrestor Concrete
Coat-free Intestinal-specific Polyguluronic Acid-rich Pellets
Liyana's Eco Bag
Expeditious Ceramic Light
Strengthening of Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance on the 6061 Aluminium Alloy Using Retrogression and Re-Aging (RRA) Heat Treatment Technique
Multipurpose Bag Pack Packaging Design
Portable Bilateral Upper Extremity Screening Battery (P-BESt)
Zoomorphic Experimental Typography: Case Study of Reviving Zoo Negara's Identity
Industrial Air Pollution Wireless Monitoring System (AIP- W-MOS)
Invigilation Schedule Preparation System (ISPS)
Removal of Total Coliform & Escherichia Coli through Rapid Depth Filtration Using Burnt Oil Palm Shell (Bops) as A Filter Media in Water Treatment
Key Performance Indicator Measurement Using Q'MeS
BE CLEAR in Sociology
BE CLEAR in Exercise Physiology: CV System
Signsmart Learning Program
I-MED Bottle
Touch Screen Application Design: Kiosk Machine for Radix Fried Chicken
Model Pengurusan Latihan Klinikal / Praktikal Fakulti Sains Kesihatan
Ebazz-2: Eco Friendly Bazaar Canopy
Rostrum UiTM
Logbook: Research Student Progress
First Aid for Children (SaFirst)
Unex (University Experience) Scale
HydroPen : 'Alarm of Your Life'
An Online Arabic Vocabulary Learning Games Prototype in IIUM
TechnoStress Scale
Effect of Oil Palm Particle on Oriented Strength Board Properties
Dimensi Baru Baitulmal di Malaysia: Permodalan Mal Malaysia (PMB)
EtrOS-A Contingency Model
Mobile Academic Advisory Information System (MAIMS)
Economical Micro-adsorbents for Cd(II) Removal
The Waqf Islamic Reporting System
Pameran Seni Visual Wanita Srikandi
Botol-Botol Etnic Malaysia
KLCC Stick Tower Lamp
Enhancing the Sensitivity of Mechanical MEMS Based Sensor by Introducing Stress Concentration Region (SCR)
Bilimbii Jam
E-sedekah Satu Pendekatan dalam Menjayakan Program Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa (MDAB) (e-Donation: Changing Destiny of the Poor)
E-INSECTA Insect Database
Novel of Self Fabricated Thermal Chemical Vapour Deposition System for Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes from Palm Oil Using Floated Catalyst Method
MQ'uin Control : Ways How to Reuse Broken Mannequin
Recycled Aggregate Bricks
Construction Contracts Accounting Software (CON2SOFT)
Sintered Brick from Incinerated Oil Palm Ashes
Low Cost Gibberellic Acids (GA3) as Phytohormone from Pink Guava By-products
Production of Fish Food from Waste of Fish Farming Activity
Direct Inject System for Ammonia Stripping Plant in Treatment of Landfill Leachate
Integrated Wetland System in Treatment Of Sewage Using Pandanus Amaryllifolius
Kenali Johor Darul Takzim
MyTraffic Sense - A Traffic Priority System
Bio-degradable Diapers
Whiteboard Cleaner
Multipurpose File
Ring Plastic Blind
Transformation of OKU Garment to Casual Wear
The Origami
Belly Leisure (bengkung)
Urban Fixture
Beyond Words
Work Safety and Employee's Satisfaction Measurement (WASSEM)
Non Catalytic Reaction in Methyl Ester Production from Crude Palm Oil
Model Pedictive Control for Steam Distillation Extraction Process Using Labview
Interfacing and Implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) on DSK Board
Adenanthera Pavonina Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap
Physic Innovative Notes
Portable Prayer Garment
Easy Excess Whiteboard
Waterproof Eletronic Case
Malay Fast-food Concept
Multi-formation Display Set
E-Zakat : The Application and Distribution of Zakat Fund
Peer Editing Manual for ESL Academic Writing
HINGARMERA: Developing an Application to Interpret Noise into Visual Art
FlexiDC: A Flexible Platform for Database Conversion
Development of Geographical-vehicle Location System Using Spatial Database
Automatic Initial Seed Point For Region Growing Using Mathematical Morphology
Web Based E-Used Book System (E-UBoS)
High Efficiency Induction-based Essential Oil Extraction System
Simple Design Fiberglass Moulds for Biocomposite Products
PIW: Plant Identification Warehouse
Valuing The Aquaculture - Reinvented
CIRIM: Contractor's Risk Management
Peacewalker Children Resource
A Study of Delay in Government Project
REIT Income Evaluation Index (RIEI)
Corporate Real Estate Strategies for Malaysian Companies
Real-time Tracking System for Turtle Hatchling Dispersal Pattern
GIS-Based Crops Cultivation System:Cocoa
BUNGALOW-MODE TERRACE HOUSE: Addition and Alteration of a Terrace House to Attain Bungalow Living
Photoreceptor: Children Resource Centre
ILocate:Internship and Beyond
The Potential of Waste Material Used as Absorbing Panels
Smart Kids Multimedia Learning
The Potentialities of Places: Student's Eco Web
Beta-glucuronidase Assay as An Alternative Biomarker for Organophosphate Poisoning Among Foggers
Primers Design for Molecular Amplification of Norovirus ORF1/ORF2 Gene Overlap
Module OBE-SCL for Lecturers
Penang Rifle Range: Culture Defragmentation
Urban Renewal Rifle Range, Penang: Community Responding To Survive
Kelana Jaya-New Urban Structure: Urban Ripples
Urban Renewal : Design Idea Competition : Rifle Range Housing Re-Living State: Adapting The Growth Of Life
Determination and Evaluation of GEOID Model for the Usage of GPS Heighting
Automatic Stalled Vehicle Detector (ASVD): Towards A Safer Malaysian Highway System
Park UiTM System
Forensive Tool Buster
ATROMS (Advance Tyre Remover Machine)
Herbal Hair Proliferator
Applicability of Kinetic in Fine Metal Design: Does It Work?
The Disposability Alternative Mixture Cement
Mahadir Digital Comic as a Creative Education Approach
Design Research and Development Process of the Single Deck Bus for Commercial Production
Www.my-forensic.Net - Forensic Accounting Portal
Mobile Crossword Puzzle Game
Interactive Malay Words Identification (IMWIn)
Mobile Phone Prepaid Package Recommender System
An Application of the A* Algorithm on the Ambulance Routing : The Interface
Product Factors Influencing a House Buyer’s Behaviour
My_diet Plan : An LP Based Diet Plan for Malaysian Households
Board Leadership Training Game (bold Trag)
Corporate X-plore Reach
Formalistic Wall Paper Songket
Bilimbi Mayonnaise
Web-Based Car Pool System (CaPoS)
Green Natural Dye Sensitized Organic Nanocrystal for Solar Cell Application
Methil Cellu Lose Base Humidity Sensor
Geographical Information System (GIS) Enabled FSKM Computer Lab Location System
Discovery of Thermostable Lipase-producing Bacillus Strain Isolated from Selayang Hotspring
Interactive Parameter Estimator of a Furnace System
Accounting Hack
Pilot Searching
Static Laboratory Compaction Device
Laboratory Modelling Using Consolidation Spring Cushion
Quarry Dust Fine Powder (QDFP) As Sustainable Material For Cement
Intranet Portal Assessment Tool (I-PAT)
Library Portal Effectiveness Assessment Tool (l-PEAT)
Knowledge Transfer Between the Knowledge Providers and Paddy Farmers in Selangor, Malaysia
Electronic Assignment Submission (E-ASSUB)
A Nexus of Research and Leadership: The Writing Researcher Club
International Project on the Preservation of Authentic Permanent Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES)
The Preservation of Primary Research Data and Records for Research in Research Institutions in Malaysia
Recordkeeping Functional Requirements for the Superior Courts of Malaysia
Knowledge Management (KM) Competencies - A Qualitative Investigation Of Practitioners Experiences In KM Initiatives
The Electronic Presence Management System (tePMS)
An Alternative Of Innovative Design For Smart School
Saf Alignment Praying Mat
Proposed National Space Galery and Astronaut Exploration Center at Cyberjaya,Selangor for MOSTI
Thermostable Protease Enzyme from A8 Thermophile Isolated from Sungai Klah Hot Spring, Perak
Detection of Norovirus in Acute Gastroenteritis Patients in Malaysia by Three Different Methods
Determination of Untypeable Rotavirus RNA Segments Using RNA-PAGE
Using a Predictive Model to Indicate Risk Factors Association with P53 Protein Expressions in Breast Cancer Tissues
Sistem E-Insentif Mempercepatkan Pemberian Elaun Makan Pelajar Diploma
The Time-Based Ambulance Zoning Optimization (TAZ_OPT) Model
Internal Control Assessment System For Public Sector (ICAS-PS)
Bakery Database
My Sales
Catch Them Young - Tax And Teenagers
EFP: Company Vs Industry
Number Speak
Size Does Matter?
Narrating the Real Shariah Audit Practice in Islamic Financial Institutions (iFIs)
1Malaysia Halal Directory
The Academic Library: New Model of Scholarly Communication
Integrated Open Access Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Systems
E-Book: 1Malaysia
Preservation of Paper-Based Archives: Black Ink Making Process by Experimentation
Preservation of Archival Records: Restoration Technique

Published: 20 Oct 2010

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Institute of Research, Development and Commersialisation (IRDC) Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, 50450 Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia

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