Mobile Device-based Stereographic Panorama and Turnorama Browser

An image-based 360° panorama and turnorama (object movie) “browser” had been developed for networked mobile devices deployed in collaborative virtual environments (CVEs).

The browser, named “µVR4U2C” (‘micro virtual reality for you to see,’ in which the prefix ‘micro’ suggests its small size), runs on Java-enabled (Japanese NTT DoCoMo) i8ppli mobile phones, especially 505i-, 505iS, and 506i-series units, which have enough memory for storing data and also high-quality liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) for vivid color images. It provides a novel solution to limitations associated with interactive stereographic display of panoramic and turnoramic imagery. The Sharp SH505i mobile phone, which features an LCD panel switchable between full resolution 2D mode and autostereoscopic (no eyewear needed) 3D mode, is used to present stereographic images. The stereograms can be captured by a special camera system and software. µVR4U2C, through a “servent” (server/client hybrid) HTTP

TCP/IP gateway developed with Jakarta Tomcat, is also integrated with other clients in our multimodal groupware suite and interoperates seamlessly with them.

Developed by
Noor Alamshah Bolhassan
Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts

Published: 19 Feb 2006

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Universiti Malaysia Sarawak94300 Kota SamarahanSarawak, Malaysia

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