Texchem Food Sdn. Bhd is committed to providing funding worth RM200,000 to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) for research development on mangrove crabs, a seafood that is very popular both locally and internationally.

USM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said this mangrove crab research is advantageous especially in protecting this species from the threat of extinction, thereby ensuring its sustainability.

He said the research which will be carried out by the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS) will cover all aspects of preservation and breeding of mangrove crab, otherwise known by its scientific name, Scylla serrata.

"The mangrove crab population comes increasingly under threat when large-scale hunting is done at the early stages of breeding and indirectly, it results in the destruction of the habitat.

"Hence, with this partnership between USM and the industry we are confident that collaborative efforts can be taken and in this way USM can contribute to the economic development of the country," he said.

He said this at a media conference after signing a MoA between USM and Texchem here, today. Texchem was represented by its Chairman of the Board, Tan Sri Fumihiko Konishi.

Meanwhile, CEMACS Diretor, Dr. Khairun Yahya said that CEMACS has undertaken the responsibility of carrying out research together with Texchem at Muka Head as an effort towards the breeding of mangrove crabs and protecting its from being destroyed

He added that this can be seen as an effort in preserving the biodiversity in the country and that CEMACS is playing an important role in ensuring the conservation of all marine life.

Mangrove crabs are an important source of protein in the Indo-Pacific countries such as China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Malaysia. Although prices of mangrove crab have reached RM30-RM40, there is a high demand because they are not only large but also very tasty.

This is also a good way for USM to help improving the country’s economic transformation because it is believed that mangrove crabs have the potential to help improve the socio-economic status of fishermen.

Among the well-known companies involved are the Panasonic Group, Hitachi Electronic Products (M) Sdn Bhd, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd., Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Schlumberger and several international companies from UAE and Singapore.

Published: 11 Feb 2011

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