Based on the concept of ‘Prevention is better than cure’, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers have found a way to stop the spread of cancer cells in the human body with a product derived from the oak galls plant.

ManjaProtect... Dr. Asmah Abdullah showing the research product derived from the oak galls plant

More importantly, this herb which is indigenous to India and Iran, can retard the growth of cervical cancer cells, the number two killer disease of women world-wide.

The product, fully extracted from oak galls. is known as ManjaProtect and it functions as a food supplement that can be consumed by every woman over 13 years of age to prevent the spread of cervical cancer cells in the body.

The Head of the Research, Dr. Hasmah Abdullah said that the idea of producing a food supplement with high nutritional value was mooted after observing the efficacy of the herb used widely by women during confinement, especially in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Dr. Hasmah is also a Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences, USM Health Campus in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

She said that ManjaProtect is unique as it has the capability to retard the growth and spread of cancer cells without affecting the growth of other cells in the human body.

"This differs from modern methods of treatment. For instance, chemotherapy not only causes damage to normal cells but also has other side effects that have to be endured by the patients, including dizziness, vomiting, hair loss and others," she said.

ManjaProtect was developed with the cooperation of co-researchers, Dr. Sakinah Harith and Master’s students from PPSK, Nurazila Zulkifli, Rina Rizak and Nor Ilyana Ramli.

She added that this food supplement can be produced at a far cheaper cost, and is estimated to cost between RM 40 to RM 60 for a month’s supply.

"Compared to modern treatment, this prevention method is better because the cost of cancer treatment is estimated at not less than RM 60,000 for one cycle," she explained. She added that ManjaProtect is in the process of being patented and commercialised.

She added that ManjaProtect can be consumed anytime after a woman has reached puberty and does not have to wait until she has been diagnosed as a cancer patient. This is because it is a food supplement that is able to retard the growth of cancer cells.

"ManjaProtect is enriched with Gallic acid, vitamin C and selenium that work together to fight toxins in the body and as an antioxidant it can be consumed by other patients, including those suffering from diabetes, renal, and cardiovascular problems. Other than that, ManjaProtect does not contain preservatives or other compounds as can be seen in products currently available in the market that have risk of side effects," she said.

Published: 18 Feb 2011

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