Adaptation of Econet: Internet Based Malaysian Ecotourism Network & Site Rating Expert System

Internet-based ecotourism site rating expert system

An Internet-based ecotourism-site rating expert system was developed and tested for the last few years through three research projects funded by the Ministry of Science Technology and Environment Malaysia. The system called "Ecotourism Network" or EcoNet was developed based on acquired knowledge from field research and domain experts. EcoNet takes into consideration the many types of ecotourism categories, facilities and activities available at ecotourism sites in Malaysia.

The factors that are used in the rating system are

1.ecotourism definition compliance compliance
4.environment compliance
5.service and quality attributes

Three parties can rate an ecotourism site in Malaysia through Internet. EcoNet is also very transparent because all the scores given by the three parties are accessible online to the public through the Internet. It is proposed that the EcoNet be adopted as the standard system for the rating of all ecotourism sites in Malaysia

Published: 22 May 2007

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Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) 43400 UPM Serdang Selangor Malaysia

+603 8947 1622
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