A*STAR Partners with 4DS to Develop 16Kbit RRAM Prototype and Memory Controller

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Data Storage Institute (DSI) recently entered into a strategic partnership with 4DS, Inc. to develop a 16 kilobit (Kbit) resistive random access memory (RRAM) prototype and memory controller.

Singapore, June 1, 2011 --- The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Data Storage Institute (DSI) recently entered into a strategic partnership with 4DS, Inc. to develop a 16 kilobit (Kbit) resistive random access memory (RRAM) prototype and memory controller.

With the rising popularity of applications in mobile electronic devices, the demand for non-volatile memories (NVM) also increases. Currently, flash memory dominates in this fast growing market. However, it is not without its disadvantages. The ideal characteristics of NVM are high density and speed as well as low power consumption and cost, but flash memory has slow write speed and write/erase cycles limitation. Due to these limitations, other promising non-volatile memory technologies like RRAM are becoming of interest due to its superior intrinsic scaling characteristics compared to flash devices, as well as fast switching speeds, lower program voltages and currents.

4DS, Inc. has developed a low power RRAM which can be manufactured in a fraction of mask steps as compared to flash memory. 4DS’ MOHJO™ RRAM is produced in a back end of line (BEOL), complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) compatible process. 4DS is collaborating with DSI’s expertise in NVM R&D, which includes integrated chip design, device design, material synthesis and characterization, coding and signal processing, tester development and testing. DSI and 4DS intend to push towards developing a 16 Kbit RRAM prototype based upon a concept from 4DS. Furthermore, a memory controller for the 16Kbit RRAM will be developed and preliminary testing will be carried out to verify the functionality of the controller.

“DSI has built up immense capabilities and extensive research activities on non-volatile memories such as STT-MRAM, PCRAM and RRAM. This collaboration would allow us to come one step closer to realizing the next generation of non-volatile memories. RRAM is one of the potential candidates to replace conventional flash memory and further push next-generation NVM technology towards storage products with high-density, high-speed and low power consumption,” said Dr. Pantelis Alexopoulos, Executive Director, DSI.

“The partnership with DSI will accelerate the integration of 4DS proprietary processes into CMOS process, and demonstration of the scalability of 4DS’ unique MOHJO™ RRAM cell structure as a high density memory array. DSI is fast becoming one on the leading development centers, and 4DS is pleased to be collaborating with DSI in Singapore given the growing worldwide interest in RRAM” said Dr. Dongmin Chen, 4DS’ Chief Scientist and former Sr. Rowland Fellow at Harvard.


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4DS, Inc. is a privately held company leading the development of RRAM materials, processes and equipment for production of RRAM. The Company has attracted the attention of a wide range of device manufacturers and partners to develop both stand alone and embedded memory applications.

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Published: 01 Jun 2011

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