New 'Green' Palm-Based Fine Organics for Industry

An array of newly synthesized 'fine organics' originated from palm oil and its fractions for the chemical industry.

MBSofax is the name given to an array of newly synthesized 'fine organics' originated from palm oil and its fractions. These kind of green chemicals for industry are often produced in low volumes but are highly priced with exceptional profit margins, favourably used in cosmetics, food, drugs, pharmaceuticals and other chemical industries.

This group of valuable products contain complex mixture of naturally occurring linear, long-chain, saturated and unsaturated structures to ensure accelerated adsorption into the skin with superb non-occlusive moisture control. They have been proven to be very stable with high oxidation resistances as well as excellent shelf life. Lipsticks and moisturizing cream prepared using MBSofax possesses unique property of excellent wetting behaviour at interfaces with marvelous, comfortable, non-greasy feeling during application. Interestingly, soaps made from MBSofax are clean and white, melt slower, creates exceptional lather and offers enjoyable moisturizing properties.

MBSofax is produced via a green synthesis-using enzyme with ratio of 3:1 of alcohol: oils of palm fractions at ambient temperatures. Characterization of the products indicated a moderate unsaturation of the fine organics with iodine values in the range of 35 to 55 while saponification number, implying the average molecular weight of the products were in the range of 100 - 109 to 133 - 135. MBSofax also offers great solubility in alcohol (0.38 - 0.79 g/mL) making them easily dissolved and emulsified.

Published: 22 May 2007

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