Recycling rubber into a multifunctional adhesive

A lot of waste rubber is produced all over the world every year e.g. 10 million tyres are discarded every year. Meanwhile, adhesives are used in almost every industrial workplace with an industry value of 40 billion Euros. This invention turns rubber waste into multifunctional adhesive.

Prof. Hanafi Ismail, Universiti Sains Malaysia
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Prof. Hanafi Ismail
Dr Azura Ab. Rashid

Research Title: From Various Rubber into Multi Functional Adhesive (MFA): A Novel Recycling Process

One of the problems facing mankind as we enters into the 21st century is the problem of waste disposal. Since polymeric materials do not decompose easily, disposal of waste polymers is a serious environmental problem. Scrap rubbers are made up of rubber that do not meet processing and product specifications, leftover rubber from manufacturing activities and old and defective rubber products such as gloves, catheters, tubes, old tyres etc. Presently, the amount of discarded tyres reaches 10 million/year worldwide. In Malaysia, the output of rubber gloves in 2003 was 13.05 billion pairs, catheters 84.75 million units and inner tubes 13.05 million units. With the development of the rubber industry, a lot of waste rubber is produced not only in Malaysia but all over the world every year. Meanwhile, adhesives are applied in almost every industrial field such as construction, paper/board, packaging, labeling, footwear, transportation, etc. The
world wide turnover of the adhesive & sealant industry is about 40 billion Euros.


1. To reduce the amount of various rubber wastes such as tyres, gloves, catheters, tubes, etc by recycle them into MultiFunctional Adhesive.

2. Help Malaysian government and other countries to solve the environmental problem of disposal various rubber wastes through the recycling of various rubber wastes into valuable products.

3. To recycle rubber wastes using a novel process and low cost.


1. Using the conventional rubber processing two roll mill at room Temperature, novel process and low cost, various rubber wastes can be recycled and converted into MultiFunctional Adhesive with the help of a new recycling chemical, DeCrossCHEM.

2. MultiFunctional Adhesive (MFA) is a strong contact adhesive specially formulated for bonding wood, PVC pipe, laminates, leather, cork, foam, polyurethane (PU), rubber, etc.

3. Advantages of MultiFunctional Adhesive (MFA) are: Easy to apply; Strong bonding;
fast drying Multipurpose high water resistance; Multicolour; cheap

4. MultiFunctional Adhesive (MFA) can also be used to trap rats, flies etc.

Published: 24 Mar 2006

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