Nanoparticle coating for herbal medicines

Malaysia will become the first country in the world to implement requirements, which will make herbal medicine product testing at par with any modern medicine marketed in the world today.

Professor Saringat Hj. Baie
Professor Zhari Ismail
Nadim Irfan Bukhori

Project title: Nanoparticle Coating for Enhancing Shelf-Life of Herbal Product

The problem: The usage of standardised extract in the production of herbal medicine has become increasingly common and popular. However, during the extraction process the drug molecules or active components in the herbal medicine are exposed to oxidation, hydrolysis and other environmental degradation. Nano coating of these drug molecules protects the active chemicals from degradation and hence enhance the shelf life of the herbal product.

Several factors influence chemical stability, namely, 'temperature', by which a chemical reaction increases by a factor of between two to three fold for every 10 degree Celcius rise in temperature (Bentley’s, 1986) and 'moisture'. Moisture absorbed on to the surface of solid drug will often increase the rate of decomposition if it is susceptible to hydrolysis.

Objectives of the research:
- To evaluate the chemical stability of O. stamineus.
- To establish a shelf life of some markers in O. stamineus and optimum storage conditions.
- To study the effect of tableting and nano coating on chemical stability of O.stamineus extract.
- To study the bioavailability of the nano coated materials (invitro).

The Solution: The establishment of marker compounds system in herbal standardisation will help the authorities to implement the dissolution test requirement for herbal products. With these requirements (the shelf life and dissolution) implemented, the quality of herbal product testing will be at par with any modern medicine marketed in the world. Malaysia will become the first country in the world to implement these requirements

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Published: 26 Mar 2006

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