The Four Faces Of Women And The Women Of Spirit Network

The Four Faces of Woman Dance-Exhibit is a celebration of women’s achievements, strengths, and qualities in commemoration of International Women’s Month 2006, and also a significant way to usher in another milestone in the year following the centennial of the Philippine feminist movement. Pictures attached.

The multi-media presentation uses dance pieces and visual arts to present the cultural symbology of the Four Faces to highlight and mark the meaningful phases and faces that women go through in their lives. It is a collaboration of four women in the visual arts and four women in dance who are inspired by the Four Faces metaphor. The presentation aims to invoke the audience, women and men alike, to ponder on the strength of the feminine principle and its underlying spiritual themes and universal values.

Apart from the dance-exhibit, Four Faces of Woman Workshops will be conducted by experienced facilitators to allow interaction and introspection among the audience about their own life learnings and processes which they have gone through in their own lives. The Four Faces of Woman Workshops originated with the Women of Spirit network in Sydney, Australia in 1993, a network of women from all traditions, religions, cultures and beliefs. Since its inception, its ongoing exploration has been to develop a kind of leadership which is not bound by gender and its limiting boundaries but embraces all aspects and qualities – the masculine and the feminine – of the human soul.

The Women of Spirit Network and Four Faces of Woman programs are initiatives of the Brahma Kumaris, an international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations, which has trained women leaders since its inception in 1936, and has participated in the 1995 United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. This inspired the First International Four Faces of Woman Conference in 1996 in Mt. Abu, India, attended by over 2,000 women from over 40 countries, where women experienced and re-learned the personal and social meanings behind the archetypal faces of woman. It was attended by women leaders, including Filipina Justice Flerida Ruth Romero. Since that time, in five continents, Four Faces of Woman programs have been presented in various formats, where women from many cultures and backgrounds have found empowerment in realizing their inner qualities and resources. Several Four Faces programs have been held around the world, from New York to South Africa, and for the past two years, at the Center for Spiritual Learning in Tagaytay City, Philippines.

The Four Faces schedule is as follows:

Dance performance:

UP Vargas Museum/ March 16 & 17, 2006
NCCA Gallery, Intramuros/ April 6, 2006 (Gala)
Sta. Cecilia Hall, St. Scholastica’s College- Manila/ April 23, 2006


UP Vargas Museum/ March 16-31, 2006
NCCA Gallery, Intramuros/ April 3-20, 2006
Sta. Cecilia Hall, St. Scholastica’s College- Manila/ April 22-28, 2006