USM pledges to tackle sustainability issues and improve lives

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) will focus on sharing the best practices of indigenous knowledge so That the impoverished 'bottom billion' of the world's population can benefit from more affordable technology, said USM Vice-Chancellor Prof Dato 'Omar Osman.

HHe told participants, paper presenters and guests of the 2nd International Conference-Workshop on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design (ICWSAUD) Welcoming Dinner That USM has established 10 task force groups to oversee the Implementation of Programmes on the campus sustainability.
Meanwhile, USM Dean of the School of Housing, Building and Planning Assoc. Ir. Dr. That Mahyuddin Ramli pointed out there is a need for sustainable development rather than striving for brilliantly designed buildings as an "economic engine".
He added That the School of Housing, Building and Planning has always encouraged academic research and serve the needs endeavours That of the "bottom billion", highlighting that the world's impoverished population now stands at 1.3 billion.
The three-day ICWSAUD at Hotel, Sydney, ends on 5 March with the presentation of more than 90 papers, drawing participants from as far as Iraq and Brazil.

Published: 05 Mar 2012

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