Research Updates, 2012 from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

This issue is themed “ICT Development and ICT for Development” with the purpose of providing us with an understanding of developing information technologies. It aims to disseminate the vast wealth of knowledge on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to a wider audience and to generate interests beyond core technical components.

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Foreword by Prof Dr Peter Songan, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

In this day and age, ICTs play a pivotal role in our society, such as for socioeconomic development, international development and human rights. With more and better information and communication, the effect will be the development of the society, resulting in enhanced income, education, health, security, or any other aspect of human development.

Continuous researches on ICTs would unearth new technologies that will overcome the barriers of distance and time, and will significantly improve the access to information and knowledge. It enables effective and quick sharing of information and knowledge and acts as a key element in achieving development goals, while allowing us to soften the impact of unforeseen circumstances, such as, natural disasters or outbreaks of disease. The emergence
of ICTs provides enormous potential for the “disadvantaged populations”, as it enables the prospects of continuous learning. Online learning or distance education is one example of the many remarkable outcomes of ICTs development and it has certainly provided access to education for those previously excluded.

ICTs play a critical role in development efforts globally and it is a challenge for our researchers to develop new technologies for this purpose. It should be further noted that the invention of ICTs is creating ideas that are being facilitated and replicated in non-ICT sectors. ICTs remain an important challenge to our researchers, more so in their gallant endeavours to bridge the digital divide in many pockets of remote communities throughout the world. The research efforts presented in this edition of Research Updates will undoubtedly accentuate our understanding on ICTD and ICT4D, and their impacts, and ultimately, bridge
the existing digital divide that exists. It is my sincere wish that our research efforts in this field will result in improved socio-economic conditions of the society and eventually, propel UNIMAS to greater heights through our research endeavours.

Thank you.

Prof Dr Peter Songan

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Published: 25 Jun 2012

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