PolyU and SYSU jointly set up Networked Lab on Creative Applications

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) School of Software have recently launched the PolyU-SYSU Networked Lab on Creative Applications to facilitate academic, education and research collaborations.

The networked lab is built on the partnership of two existing labs, namely the Advanced Enterprise Infrastructure Lab (sponsored by Cisco and Macroview Telecom) at PolyU's Department of Computing and the Digital Media Technology Laboratory at SYSU's School of Software.

The launching ceremony was officiated at by Professor Angelina Yuen, Vice President (Institutional Advancement and Partnership), PolyU and Professor Li Wenjun, Assistant President, Dean of Mobile Information Engineering and Dean of School of Software, SYSU.

Professor Yuen reiterated the importance of partnership with leading mainland universities such as SYSU. She said, "Leveraging our success in the past, PolyU will continue to collaborate with leading universities on the Chinese mainland like SYSU for academic and research collaborations. This networked lab with SYSU is a good example for such collaborations, particularly in the Pearl River Delta region."

In his video-conference message, Professor Li said, "We welcome and look forward to fruitful collaborations with PolyU through the networked lab. These collaborations can certainly benefit educational and research development in the Pearl River Delta region."

The networked lab will foster collaborations among students and researchers between PolyU and SYSU. Various collaborations through the networked lab are being planned. For example, PolyU and SYSU students will form teams to jointly participate in IT competitions in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. They will conduct group projects through the networked lab. PolyU and SYSU researchers can also conduct research projects based on their complementary expertise through the networked lab.

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